Viking Shave Soap

Get a smooth shave with Viking Soap! Contrary to popular belief Vikings were not all big and smelly. After doing some research that’s just simply not the case. In fact Vikings were known to have types of nail clippers, tweezers, utensils to clean their ears and razors for shaving. Vikings also took baths on a weekly basis. This tells me that they were big into … Continue reading Viking Shave Soap

Reef Point Soaps

A great shave with less lather!! I found from a website that sells different brands of shaving soaps and other shaving products as well. I contacted Reef Point Soaps and after a couple of friendly emails my package was at my front door. All of shaving soaps are hot processed and cut by hand so no two soaps are the same. “Aviator” was … Continue reading Reef Point Soaps

SirHare shaving products

SirHare brings old school shaving to the Bald head!   Being Bald by choice (BBC) has given me the opportunity to try many products to achieve living the Bald lifestyle on an every day basis. I’ve tried many shaving creams, moisturizers and razors. I’ve recently tried a couple of product from a company called Sir Hare and its made me change my whole shaving routine, … Continue reading SirHare shaving products