Reef Point Soaps

A great shave with less lather!!

I found from a website that sells different brands of shaving soaps and other shaving products as well. I contacted Reef Point Soaps and after a couple of friendly emails my package was at my front door. All of shaving soaps are hot processed and cut by hand so no two soaps are the same. “Aviator” was my fragrance of choice from I was excited to get busy reviewing their soap, I read a lot of great product reviews online regarding their Soaps. Regardless of what product reviews you read online or what information you find, one thing is for certain. Not all products are created equally. Why would you want them to be? that would be boring. Each shaving product you test or use is going to have pros and cons. Each product you use is going to thrive in one area and fall short in another. Its you judgment call to see if you like the product and would use it again, or, is the product just not right for you?

My first experience with Reef Point Soaps could have been better. I still got a smooth shave but had a hard time working up a good lather. I still got part of a lather but it was weaker than usual and very foamy. My second time around I remembered that a harder bodied soap requires more of a harder bristled brush and I just happened to have one of those laying around. I will say regarding my first experience that it is all in the brush that you use as well. if you use a harder bristle brush consistently you will have no problems. Regardless of the weaker lather the first time around, the shave itself was smooth and that’s ultimately what I’m looking for.

My second shave with “Aviator” from was a different story. I soaked my brush in warm water. A boar bristled brush soaks up the water and holds it in the bristles creating a great lather from the over abundance of water in the brush. Just be careful how much water you use so to not water down your lather making the consistency to runny, it takes away from the smoothness you might have had otherwise. With a circular motion I worked a thick lather up and transferred it Into my shaving bowl and continued to work it into a deeper lather.The more circular rotations with my brush the thicker the lather got. I applied it to my dome with smooth strokes and the thick lather clung to my dome with a smooth lather.

The thick lather stays in the bristles of your brush and transfers to your dome with minimal effort. With just a small amount of product to begin with, you can whip up an ample amount of lather to cover your dome and face with extra left over to go back over the spots that were missed if any at all. The shave itself was smooth and comfortable but with less of a buffer between the lather and my dome itself. My shave was smooth, several times I felt the dull feeling of my razor cutting the stubble on the top of my head, that’s not a deal breaker for me, it was a dull feeling with no razor burn noted after the shave.

When I say “less lather” that should not be mistaken for a Con when deciding to try you will get a smooth shave while using their product. A couple of swirls to get the lather started in the container itself, then, transferred to the shaving bowl and then 30-60 rotations in the bowl to get the consistency desired. The consistency needed for a great shave consist of less lather but spreads evenly with less effort needed. Its a win-win situation. Less product needed to get the job done means more product saved for a rainy day and more money in your pocket. Saving product and money is always a Pro when trying any new product.

I’m not big on fragrances, however, I don’t mind fragrances as well. The fragrance “Aviator” from was initially very strong and a little overwhelming. The fragrance “Aviator” was a pleasant smell and after the first shave the aroma level died down to a faint smell that is much more tolerable than the first time around. This could be from the first time the product was opened and used. Now that the Aroma of “Aviator” from is not as strong its very pleasant and has a manly smell to it, The aftershave also has the same pleasant smell to it. So what are my final thoughts on “Aviator” shaving soap from Regardless of a rocky start with ReefPointSoaps its a great product for the every day shaver or the not so every day shaver. If you shave at all then you can’t go wrong with Reef Point Soaps. Had I picked a hard bristled brush to begin with I would have not had a rocky start and if a hard bristled brush is all that you use then you wont experience it at all. makes a quality shave soap that can fit into any budget and shave den of any head or wet shaver or both. “Aviator” from feels great on your dome or face and gas a great lather.

-Jon Wogoman-

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