SirHare shaving products

SirHare brings old school shaving to the Bald head!


Being Bald by choice (BBC) has given me the opportunity to try many products to achieve living the Bald lifestyle on an every day basis. I’ve tried many shaving creams, moisturizers and razors. I’ve recently tried a couple of product from a company called Sir Hare and its made me change my whole shaving routine, in fact, ive recently had some thoughts on diving into the art of old school shaving purely for the shaving enthusiast in me. @SirHare is a company I follow on twitter that makes shaving soaps and shaving oils that come in different fragrances. When I first contacted @SirHare I was informed that the shaving soap was not ready yet, I was informed that as soon as it was ready it would be sitting on my door step after some polite conversation with @SirHare and a couple of emails later my shaving package had arrived. I love getting shaving packages in the mail. The BaldGuy in me acts like a child on Christmas day, it just makes me happy!

This is what came in my package from @SirHare, there also was a SirHare sticker included which I forgot to add in this picture which is now on my laptop. The sticker is the @SirHare logo which is a nice touch. The shave soap, “classic Barber” comes in a round tin with the SirHare logo on the top and on the side of the tin a list of all the natural ingredients used to make the soap. The list of natural ingredients was very refreshing to me, I felt good knowing what I was putting on my scalp before shaving . @SirHare shave soap comes in different fragrances.
SirHare is not afraid to put the ingredients right on the side of the Tin the shave soap comes in, and why not, as you can see by the ingredients listed below the shave soap is pretty much all natural ingredients. So you can rest assured that you’re shave soap you just used to live the Bald Lifestyle on a daily basis is also good for youre freshly shaved dome.

I chose the Classic Barber fragrance which is not over bearing but strong enough to make its presence known while shaving. This was my first experience with shave soap in general so I was excited to get started, I’ve always wanted to try it but always put it off. I like trying new shaving products but using a shave soap instead of creams or gels is different from what I’m used to. After applying the shaving soap the first night with my fingers I decided that I was not unlocking the full potential of the shaving soap so I went out and bought a cheap shaving brush until I could replace it with a better one. I started and followed my shaving routine with the same pre and post prep routine I do every night to get the most benefit from my new products graciously supplied by @SirHare. I showered, exfoliated to loosen and clean the scalp, applied shaving oil, shave soap, rinse, exfoliate, rinse and apply moisturizer.

With a couple of quick swirls of my shave brush on the soap itself my brush was full of lather and I applied it to my scalp in a swirling method. The bristles of the brush felt good against my scalp. A shave brush is not only used to apply soap, it’s also used for exfoliation as well, what a perfect combination. In a couple of seconds my scalp was nice and foamy with my new shave soap courtesy of @SirHare. Another added benefit of the tin the shave soap came in is that the lid is deep so when using a brush if you don’t have access to a shaving bowl you can use the inside of the tin lid for your shaving bowl. Using a safety razor with the Classic Barber soap and brush would be old school shaving.

It only takes a little soap on the brush to coat you’re entire dome. When comparing pros and cons to using a shave brush a great point is that after your dome is lathered there is still a good amount of soap still left on the brush. If the soap on your scalp dries up before you get to it, you can just re-lather with the brush again. This adds more value for your money because one bar of shave soap will last you longer than a bottle of shaving gel or cream.The shaving oil comes in a 1 fl oz. bottle which may seem small, but, if you use shaving oil you know that you only need 2-3 drops every shave so the 1 fl oz. bottle from SirHare will last for a while. SirHare also uses natural oils in making their shave oil consisting of Grapeseed oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil. The tea tree oil gives you’re Scalp a nice tingle after shaving, It feels like a cooling sensation, I rather enjoy that, it’s a nice touch.

The oil has a nice consistency, not to thick, but not to thin. I’m a big fan of shaving oil applied under shaving cream, gel or soap. I think shaving oil adds to the smoothness of any style of shave. It cuts down on razor burn, can prevent nicks, cuts, and scrapes and if used consistently adds a level of moisturization needed if you shave consistently everyday. applying shave oil before cream is a staple in my shaving routine.

So whats my overall first impression of @SirHare shaving products? I think @SirHare makes a fine product with a great outcome. The shave oil and soap used as a combo gives a close shave with a nice smooth feeling. The natural ingredients in the SirHare products gives you comfort in knowing that you’re not putting a lot of unwanted chemicals on your dome. The tea-tree oil in the shaving oil adds that little tingle to your freshly shaved dome that lasts after shaving. The use of a shaving brush to apply the shaving soap adds extended money savings and functional value to youre shaving experience with @SirHare shaving products. I look forward to shaving more consistently with their products and now im looking forward to trying their other soaps and oils.


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