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Product reviews are a good way to find the information you are looking for when deciding to buy a product no matter what it is. Now a days everyone is reviewing everything from food to cars to shaving products. A review is just an opinion of someone trying a product. Just because a reviewer states an opinion in a review doesn’t make it law for lack of better words. A review is strictly opinion with some valid points I would hope. In the end you should ask yourself if the review you’ve just read has answered all of your questions or maybe even some of your questions. If the answer is no then move on to the next review until you feel as though your questions have been answered. From there you can decide if the product is worth your time trying or not. My opinion is, you should read more than one review to be informed properly and thoroughly. After all that’s the good thing about our internet, there’s a world of information right at your fingertips.

I found The Strop Shoppe while on a website that sells multiple brands of shaving products. The black and white canisters caught my eye and I was hooked. I searched online and found the and looked around their website and liked what I saw. I’m not saying you should base your purchases off of what a website or packaging of a product looks like, but it helps sell the product when both are eye-catching. I read a couple of product reviews from reputable review sites and decided I wanted to try the shave soap from and I’m glad I made the decision and after reading this review I hope you decide to try their soaps as well. You will not be disappointed.

I had the incredible opportunity of trying not one but five different scents of shave soap from The Strop Shoppe. I decided instead of doing five different reviews I would just try all five and do one review talking about all five scents. The only different difference between all five scents is the aroma. The five shave soaps from The Strop Shoppe all have great lathering capabilities. It only took 15-30 second rotations of my hard bristled brush to create a lather to transfer to my shave bowl. From there I did a two-minute lather to work up a rich and creamy lather that sits deep in my shave bowl. You can always tell from the consistency of the lather in your bowl while your churning it if it’s thickening at all by the resistance your shave brush has during the churning process.

The more resistance you get the more creamier the lather gets. Sometimes you have to add a couple of drops of water to your lather to lighten it up. A good lathering technique is something you gain from experience with lathering shave soaps. Your lathering technique will change over time the more you use shave soap. A good lathering technique takes time and patients and can unlock the true potential of each shave soap you use because all shave soaps are not created equal. The shave soaps from The Strop Shoppe lathers easily and in no time I had a shave bowl full of deep and thick lather that looked very creamy. Pulling the brush out of the bowl you can see the silver tip hard bristled badger hair full of creamy thick lather. The lather fills the bristles of my shave brush, and nestles there until its transferred to my dome and face with a thick application that coats my skin with a smooth thickened layer of rich creamy shave soap from The Strop Shoppe that will satisfy any shaver no matter what method of shaving they practice.

With swirling rotations of my silvertip badger shave brush the thick creamy lather spread across my dome with a thick and evenly layer, providing my razor with a slickened surface to glide across the top of my dome and down the side of my face. All five shave soaps from The Strop Shoppe have a nice cushion that adds a high level of comfort and smoothness to your shave no matter if it’s the first day or the fifth day of shaving. The cushion level along with the slickened skin surface pushes any razor burn, cuts or scrapes off to the side making each shave as luxurious as the last shave. Smoothness is a definite feeling you achieve no matter what day of the week it is when shaving with The Strop Shoppe shave soaps.

Like I said once before, the only difference between the five shave soaps from The Strop Shoppe that consist of Baker Street, Barber Shoppe, Date Night, Instinct and Russian Tea is the aroma itself. All five scents give of a pleasing aroma that’s not overpowering but strong enough to say hello!, All five scents are appealing because all five scents have a non perfume aroma. It’s hard for me to explain aroma so I will just say all five scents are pleasant and non aggressive. If I had to choose my favorite fragrance out of all five of them it would be the Russian Tea, it doesn’t smell like tea so much but it has a very pleasant aroma that leaves you wanting to smell just the soap itself when shaving with another Strop Shoppe fragranced shave soap.

So what are my final thoughts on The Strop Shoppe shave soaps? A great shave every time! Yep, that’s right, a great shave every time. From the thick and richness of the lather that nestles inside the bristles of your shave brush The Strop Shoppe produces, to the great cushion with an even better slickness, the shave soap provides for your razor to effortlessly glide across your dome and face riding you of all that pesky hair. The shave soap from The Strop Shoppe not only gives you a great shave, it gives you a great shave with a smooth ending with out all of the razor burn, cuts and nicks that you might acquire from shaving. The non aggressive aroma will leave your face and dome feeling fresh and clean as well as soft and smooth. I’m glad I took the chance and tried the shave soaps from The Strop Shoppe. I’m very satisfied with the results from The Strop Shoppe and their soaps definitely have a designated space in my ever-growing shave den.

-Jon Wogoman-

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