Captains Choice

The Captains Choice is the choice for me!


Captain’s Choice is a product that I’ve seen pictures of many, many times. I’ve also read several reviews on their products several times. Each review talks about how creamy the lather is and how the lather has a great slickness and a good cushion as well. These reviews also comment on the aroma of the soap and aftershaves as both pleasing and outstanding. I have seen product pictures of Captain’s Choice shaving products on instagram, Facebook,Twitter as well as Google+. After seeing these great product pictures and reading so many great reviews I decided that the shaving products from Captain’s Choice was a product that I had to try.

I found Captain’s Choice by their website and searched around their products page. I liked what I saw so I contacted them and we had several conversations on shaving and how I heard about them. Captain’s Choice is on a couple of social media platforms but primarily network through word of mouth. This made me want to try their product even more. They don’t use social media all the time to advertise they have repeat customers because their products are fantastic from start to finish including packaging and product performance. Captain’s Choice could definitely be the perfect shaving product you have been looking for. Once you try their shaving product I’m sure you will agree with me.

First off before I talk about their shaving products I want to talk about the packaging the shaving products come in. I don’t let packaging full me into buying a product. Just because the packaging is good doesn’t mean the product inside is good as well. This was not the case with the shaving products from Captain’s Choice. The tub that contains the shaving cream and the bottle that houses the after shave tonic is a dark brown color. Not only is this color easier on your eyes but it also prevents too much brightness from dying out your product. The labels are also a darkish brown, grayish color that sits on the top of the screw on lid on the tub that the shaving cream comes in and wraps around the roundish oblong bottle that the after shave comes in. The labels are darker than the container so the contrast is good. On the labels there is a touch of bright yellow border that sticks out but is not overwhelming. The lime picture on the label that’s located on the top of the lid is brightly green and pops out very nicely. Right away you will notice how nice the packaging and labeling is before you even shave with it. This eye for detailing from Captain’s Choice shaving products will make you want to shave with their products.

The Lime scented shaving cream from Captain’s Choice is a soft shaving cream that produces a thick and creamy lather with a great lime scent. The lime scent is so close to a real lime you will want to smell it more than shave with it. I guarantee you that the smooth shave you get from Captain’s Choice lime scented shaving cream is just as good as the scent is. Once you start to re-lather the shaving cream between each pass the aroma of limes will fill your bathroom and relax you while finishing your daily or nightly shave. The robust lather feels soft and smooth when resting on your Dome and face. The thick and creamy lather stays put without dissipation and doesn’t run down into the sink. The cushion provided by the lime scented shaving cream from Captain’s Choice was more than what I expected. I hardly felt the razor shaving away all of that unwanted hair. The lime scented shaving cream from Captain’s Choice neither left behind hair or razor burn, cuts or scrapes. It was a perfect shave with a perfect out come. After my nightly shave was done the lime scented shaving cream cooled of my Dome and face leaving behind nothing but smoothness.

I topped my perfect nightly shave with the shaving cream from Captain’s Choice off with one of their Bay Rum scented after shave tonics. The after shave from Captain’s Choice contains ingredients such as Alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils and extracts, glycerin that helps kill bacteria and fight any infection. At the same time the after shave from Captain’s Choice tones the skin and keeps it hydrated as well. There are several selections to choose from consisting of Bay Rum, Lime, North, Sandalwood and Cat O’ Nine Tails. I had the luxury of trying all of these scents. The Bay Rum scented after shave came in a regular sized 4.8 fl ounce bottle. The other after shave selections came in a 1/4 ounce sample vile with a screw top lid. I liked every one of them equally. Each one of these after shaves functioned the same and had the same great performance. The only difference between the after shave from Captain’s choice is the aroma. The after shave comes in a dark brown roundish oblong bottle with a twist of cap. The top of the bottle houses a slow drip spout that helps with product dispersment. The slow drip insert also helps with spillage containment. If you accidentally knock the bottle over the after shave wont spill all over. I really like that feature. It’s the little things that keep you coming back for more. I’m a big fan of after shave and I actually use an after shave tonic and balm at the same time and then finish it off with my favorite moisturizer.

The lime scented shaving cream and after shave tonics from Captain’s Choice is clearly a great choice to make when deciding what products to use for the night. The lime scented shaving cream from Captain’s Choice has a great and natural lime scented aroma and a robust lather that provides a thick and creamy lather that leaves your dome nice and smooth with out razor burn, cuts or scrapes as well as leaving behinds any nicks that make your shave for the day or night unpleasant. The after shave from Captain’s Choice helps finish your shave off with preventive measures of killing any bacteria you might acquire during your shave no matter when you shave. The after shave also tones the skin and leaves it hydrated every time. I can honestly say that the shaving products from Captain’s Choice will take up a permanent residence in my cabinet of shaving products.

-Jon Wogoman-

You can find Captain’s Choice on these other social media platforms

(1.) FaceBook
(2.) Captain’s Choice

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