Mens Soap Company ‘Everest’

Men’s Soap Company ‘Everest’ With Lavender


Last year I did a product review for you can read my review here. I really liked his soap and what it had to offer. A lot of lather with an over the top slickness that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. is a newer company and with only two soaps available at this point he is still coming out on top. They say lightning only strikes once but in’s case lightning has struck once again. I was really impressed with the Himalaya shave soap that I had a chance to review and now I was equally impressed with his ‘Everest’ save soap that also contains Lavender. If you consider yourself to be a wet shaving enthusiast or even just a hobbiest, someone who enjoys a good soap with a lot to offer or even someone who loves lather and a lot of slickness then the ‘Everest’ shave soap from is a soap you have to try and add to your collection. I’ve had several conversation with the founder of and his personality and originality are top notch. I consider him to be a true gentleman that offers a great soap that brings a lot of qualities to the wet shaving table and your skin care regimen as well. I look forward to seeing what else he has to offer in the future.

The ‘Everest’ Lavender from Menssoap Company came in a 4.0 OZ plastic jar with a screw on/off lid. The soap filled the plastic jar three quarters of the way to the top leaving more than enough space to build your lather from start to finish. The lavender scented shave soap is a very hard consistency soap that doesn’t take long to start lathering. With only a couple of rotations of my hard bristled shave brush the lather started to build from a pre-lather into a creamy and thick shave ready lather that had a lot of cushion and slickness for a smooth and comfortable shave. The robust and creamy lather spread evenly across my Dome and face. The increased slickness from the lather provided extra glide for my razor adding more fluidness to each stroke. The increased slickness and cushion from the lather along with the fluid strokes of my razor greatly reduced the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Each shave with the ‘Everest’ Lavender scented shave soap from was a pleasurable experience.

The ‘Everest’ shave soap from is scented with lavender. Lavender is an essential oil that has several benefits for your skin. Lavender has Anti-Inflammatory and Antiseptic properties that can fight bacteria that cause inflammation and Acne, Lavender can also help heal burns and scars. Lavender adds moisture to your skin relieving itchiness helping the skin fight eczema. Lavender contains powerful antioxidants that can inhibit the growth of skin bacteria. Lavender can help treat dry itchy scalp and dandruff and is a natural skin toner. Glycerin, Soy, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are also among the ingredients found in the ‘Everest’ shave soap that help create a thick and creamy lather that has a lot of cushion and glide for protection of your skin against razor burn, cuts and scrapes, moisturizes and conditions the skin increasing supple and softness for a perfect post shave feel after your daily or nightly shave is done with. Once again I was really impressed with ‘Everest’ lavender scented shave soap from I wonder what will be next? What ever it is I’m sure it will be just as good as the ‘Everest’ or maybe even better.

What are my final thoughts on the ‘Everest’ lavender scented shave soap from A fantastic soap with a fantastic lather with a fantastic aroma. The lavender scented shave soap provides a thick and rich lather with a lot of slickness and cushion that adds comfort to every shave. The ‘Everest’ lavender shave soap from has a pleasant and light aroma that lasts through out the night but is not overwhelming to the people around you. The ‘Everest’ lavender shave soap from Men’s Soap Company not only smells good and feels good but it also has many good benefits for your skin.

-Jon Wogoman-

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