Men’s Soap Company

A big lather from a little box of soap!


Sometimes big things come in small packages. At least that’s what they say, or should I say big lather comes from small packages? That’s more accurate from this point forward. That’s what I got from the Himalaya scented hard shaving soap from, a big lather from a small box. I found The Men’s Soap Company while searching for a hard shave soap with a great lather. My web search led me to The I checked their website out and decided I wanted to try their soap. Having a great looking website that has a lot of information on the product really helps to sell or at least spark interest that turns into sales. The definitely has that part down and their rocking their website!

The Men’s Soap Company is a newer company so when you check their website out you are going to find two products for sale, The Himalaya scented shave soap and Derby brand DE razor blades. Yep, that’s right, they sell only one scented soap right now but they have more in production for the near future. Believe me when I tell you that once you try their Himalaya scented shave soap you are going to want to be kept in the loop for when the new scents hit the market. Before I go any further I also want to add that the fine folks over at the Men’s Soap Company are friendly as well as prompt and provide a great customer service. Friendly, a great customer service, a great looking website and a fantastic shave soap? all these great qualities from a new company? I see a brand that’s doing it right and doing it right away. I think the Men’s Soap Company is here to stay.

The Himalaya scented shave soap from the Men’s Soap Company is a hard soap that is formed into a rounded shape. The rounded shaped shave soap fits into this small square cardboard box with the Men’s Soap Company logo branded on the box. The box is small but just the right size to fit the rounded bar of shave soap. When you open the top of the box there is a small surprise sitting on top of the shave soap. A pack of five DE blades from Derby. The Derby brand DE blades are a non aggressive blade that provides a good shave. Some shavers don’t like the Derby Brand DE blades because they claim they aren’t aggressive enough. I think it all depends on the razor you use. If you have a more non aggressive blade than a DE safety razor with heft might be your best bet to add weight and pressure to your shave. Personally I like the Derby brand DE razor blades, I like non aggressive blades, I think they are a relaxing shave. whether or not you like the Derby brand DE blades you have to admit that this little gesture is a nice touch from the Men’s Soap Company.

I decided to bloom the Himalaya scented shave soap from the Men’s Soap Company for maximum lathering capabilities and to see what this soap can really do. After I bloomed the soap for fifteen minutes I poured the soapy water into a separate container for later use and started rotating my hard bristled brush across the now softened shave soap to start building lather. The pre-lather was thick almost right away and after it was transferred to my shave bowl I continued to build the already thick lather into a more robust and creamier substance. The more I worked the creamy lather the fuller my shave bowl became. The thick and rich lather nestled into the bristles of my shave brush creating a full head of lather that applied evenly across my Dome and face. The overabundance of lather that the Himalaya scented shave soap from the Men’s Soap Company provided felt smooth and soft on my Dome and face. Perfect for a great shave.

The head shave with the Himalaya shave soap was fantastic! The overabundance of lather with every application across my Dome provided an increased slickness that helped my razor glide across my head. The smooth surface the overabundance of lather provided on my Dome also prevented razor burn, cuts and nicks. The face shave was just as good as the head shave. The Himalaya scent had an earthy aroma about it that was pleasant and faint. I was very pleased how my Dome and face felt after my nightly shave with the Himalaya scented shave soap from the Men’s Soap Company.

So what are my final thoughts on the Himalaya scented shaving soap from Men’s Soap Company? A lot of lather from a small box. The provides an overabundance of lather with a great glide that gives you a fantastic shave every time. The thick and robust lather leaves your Dome and face feeling soft and smooth after every shave. The head shave is fantastic and the face shave is amazing. Once you try the Himalaya scented shave soap from the Men’s Soap Company you will wonder why you waited so long the first time.

-Jon Wogoman-

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