Sir Hare Shave Soap Renewed

Sir Hare Renewed and The Big Bubba, What a

Classic Combination!


A while back I had the privilege of doing a product review on Sir Hare Classic Barber shave soap and combo with the Purist pre-shave oil. I really liked the shave the Sir Hare shave soap provided. I was impressed with the glide and consistency of the Purist shave oil as well as how the two functioned together for every shave. That review was a while ago and Sir Hare has been hard at work reformulating their shave soap to bring an even more creamier lather to the wet shaving table. Sir Hare has taken it’s already fantastic shave soap and made it even better with reformulating every inch of its shave soap turning fantastic into perfection.

I originally contacted the fine folks over at Sir Hare when I saw the Big Bubba DE Razor offered on their site. I fell in love right away with this DE razor before I even had it in my hands to shave with. Maybe it’s the extra-large handle that caught my eye, or, the fact that the handle is shorter and looks substantial in the picture. Either way I knew I wanted to add the Big Bubba DE razor from Sir Hare to my collection of steadily growing DE razors. After chatting with Sir Hare about the Big Bubba DE Razor they informed me of the new reformulated Sir Hare shaving soap and I knew right away I wanted and had to try it. I’m glad I tried it and if you tried it for yourself I’m sure you would say the same thing.

First off let me repeat what I’ve already previously stated, The Sir Hare shave soap was already fantastic!, and, Sir Hare has managed to take fantastic and turn it into perfection! Whew! saying that will never get old. So why change something that isn’t broke you ask? Improving a product you have designed or made is plain old ingenuity at its best. That’s how certain products become the cream of the crop and that’s how certain products or services become house hold names. A perfect example is Facebook. Facebook is a classic example of ingenuity at the right time all the time. You don’t have to own a computer or smart phone to know what Facebook is. You see the name Facebook all over. In fact you don’t have to even like Facebook to know what Facebook is or what it’s for. I’m just saying, Facebook at one time was a company no one knew and look were it is today.

Sir Hare shave soap looks like the old formula but a little different when you first glance at it. The Classic Barber scented soap has a creamier look and feel to the touch. It’s a harder soap so I used a hard bristle brush to work up a nice pre-lather that I transferred into my large shave bowl and continued to build a great lather from there. I took my time building a nice creamy lather with the shave soap from Sir Hare. I was in no rush, and decided to take the more relaxed approach. So many times we rush through our shaving ritual because we don’t have a lot of time and we miss what could be a great experience with the products we use for shaving. The shave soap from Sir Hare was truly a relaxing experience from start to finish.

After the thick creamy lather was ready to go I tested the consistency of the soap with my hard bristled shave brush. The thick lather loaded up my shave brush with an abundance of lather that clung to each bristle of my brush and exploded on to my Dome and face with a great application of robust lather. Each lather application with my shave brush was just as comfortable and soothing as the first application. Sir Hare was right on target as they claimed that the new reformulated shave soap produced a creamier lather. The other qualities of Sir Hare shave soap that I love such as a great scent and a comfortable Dome and face after your daily or nightly shave was still there and that has not changed. The other item Sir Hare sells that has not changed and needs no changing is their pre-shave oil. The pre-shave oil is still the same great formula that allows your razor to glide across your Dome and face leaving behind no hair but a soothing effect with a great shine. The shave soap and pre-shave oil from Sir Hare is still a power house combo that you would be exciting to shave with on a daily basis. After all why wouldn’t you want shaving products to get excited over right?

The Big Bubba 3-piece safety razor is described as an entry-level DE safety razors for new guys that are just getting into wet shaving and don’t want to spend an arm and leg on shaving equipment. Don’t get this razor wrong cheap doesn’t mean bad or faulty. This stainless steel thick shortened handle with extra weight and the chrome plated zinc head feels substantial in your hands with gives the feeling of increased safety. I felt very safe with this DE razor the first time I picked it up with out even shaving. The shave it self was a great shave. The weight of the razor helped steady my hand for nice even strokes. The first pass was good and left my face feeling pretty smooth. The second pass I cleaned up places missed and had an even shave that was smooth to the touch.

The first Head shave was comfortable as well. Nice even short strokes work best for me. Some guys can go longer strokes, I have found out by trial and error that short strokes work best for me. I shaved with the grain on my first pass that proved to be a smooth shave but needed a second pass. This might change as I venture into a DE razor that is more aggressive but until I’m ready for that more than one pass is good for me. The second pass was better and I concentrated around the harder areas to shave. For a Bald guy some of the hardest places are on the top at the back of the head and around the area of the ears. I started a third pass but only on one side of the head and worked against the grain. That is where it gets tricky. Shaving against the grain has been controversial for quite some time now. Shaving against the grain can lead to ingrown hairs and increased razor burn. I will tell you from experience that I’ve been shaving against the grain for years and I love it. My Dome is baby but smooth and I’ve had no problems with ingrown hairs. Razor Burn yes, but, I get razor burn from shaving with the grain as well. I really think that these issues reside with the person. Every one is different.

I will say that wet shaving has proven to me that razor burn is a lot less with a DE razor. I get more razor burn shaving with a cartridge razor than a DE razor. Overall The Big Bubba DE safety razor from Sir Hare is a comfortable shave and the razor itself is easy to maneuver around your Dome and face. The zinc plated head of this DE razor is a closed comb system that holds all standard DE razor safety blades. Some may call this entry-level shaving , but I say, if you like the way it functions and performs and you get a great shave with it then entry-level is the way to go. I’m sure The Big Bubba DE safety razor from Sir Hare will be a razor I use throughout the week even after I’m considered an experienced shaver.

I don’t feel as if you need to break the bank every time you buy wet shaving equipment. Why spend hundreds of dollars on equipment you buy when you can find great razors and brushes, etc. etc. for a fraction of the cost. Sure the more expensive razors may shine more or look pretty in your shaving cabinet, but, if you’re not using it why bother. The Big Bubba DE safety razor from Sir Hare will not break the bank but will give you a fantastic shave for your money and you will feel good doing it. Try it and I know you will like it no matter what your experience level is.

What are my final thoughts on the reformulated Sir Hare shave soap and Big Bubba DE safety razor? A product that has always been fantastic. The first time I tried Sir Hare shave soap I loved the shave and the lather the soap produced. The reformulated shave soap is still just as fantastic the first time as it is today. The lather the reformulated shave soap produces is extra creamy and smooth. The thick and robust lather sits heavy on your shave brush and transfers with a great application to your Dome and face. The shave oil still has a great consistency that adds extra glide to your daily or every other day shave. The Big Bubba DE razor is great shave for either a beginner or an experienced shaver. all together the Sir Hare shaving solution has found a permanent place in my shave den among the other shave products.

-Jon Wogoman-

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