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It’s a very comforting feeling when you know you are shaving with products that have all natural ingredients. There are more shaving products that contain all chemicals than shaving products that contain all natural ingredients. Less chemicals on your skin mean less chemicals in your body and I can’t see anything wrong with that. Especially when you take into consideration all of the medical complications we have here in America and every year it seems to affect us at an earlier age. That’s why when you find a product made out of natural ingredients it’s very refreshing. It’s refreshing to think about how good the natural ingredients are for your skin and the skin qualities each ingredient has.

That’s why I decided to try the shaving products from Van Yulay. Van Yulay is a brand that is backed by more than 16 years of experience. Founded in 1999 with principles of making quality products with natural ingredients that’s best for your skin. Van Yulay has many products on their website that are shaving and non shaving related. After a lengthy conversation on shaving and the benefits of shaving with their product, the fine folks at Van Yulay sent out a sample pack of four shave soaps with two big tins of shave soap as well. An aftershave splash and balm also came with the package. There was also a DE razor from Merkur added to the package as well. Van Yulay’s customer service is friendly as well as courteous. Once you try Van Yulay for your self you will also agree that the customer service as well as the products are top-notch.

I received two five ounce tins along with four sample packs, a pre-shave oil/after shave splash and an after shave balm. The two five ounce tins came in Lavender and Cherry Tobacco. The Lavender and Cherry Tobacco scented shave soap from Van Yulay contain some of the same contents consisting of Cocoa Butter, Calendula and Babassu Oil. These contents have great skin qualities such as a great antioxidant source, Restorative quality for the skin, Soothes sensitive skin, provides pleasant shaves, Wound Healing, Supple Skin, Scars and Varicose Veins, dry skin, Calendula oil can be used as an Antiseptic, Prevention of Dermatitis, Oil extraction, works wonders in treating itchiness and dryness to the skin and scalp. The oil is also being used to treat some skin diseases and illness like eczema. The contents of both the Lavender and Cherry Tobacco shave soap from Van Yulay might be the same but there are some differences in the ingredients. The Lavender soap contains ingredients such as Stearic Acid, Coconut Fatty Acid, Palm Stearic, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Babassu Oil, Meadow Foam Oil, Cocoa Butter, Glycerin, Extracts, Poly Quats, Sodium Lactate, Allantoin, Silica, Liquid Silk, Kaolin Clay, and Lavender EO’s. Kaolin Clay also known as China Clay can dry up oily skin and is used to treat Acne and also sometimes Psoriasis and Eczema.

The Cherry Tobacco shave soaps ingredients consist of Stearic Acid, Aloe Vera, Coconut Fatty Acid, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut-Castor-Emu- Babassu-Palm Stearic-Olive-Oils, Sodium Lactate, Calendula, Extracts, Poly Quats, Allantoin, Silica, Cocoa Butter, Argan, Liquid Silk, Bentonite Clay, Fragrance. As you can see the ingredients for both soaps are a little different but still have some of the same great ingredients that provide a great and classic shave. Bentonite clay has a lot of benefits when used on the skin. First and fore most lets talk about the biggest attribute that comes to mind. Bentonite has an electric charge when hydrated with fluid. This electric charge helps draw out the impurities within your skin increasing the healthiness of your skin. Bentonite clay also helps to dry up oily skin as well as treat some skin conditions such as Exzema and psoriasis. Bentonite clay also helps treat minor skin conditions such as bites/burns/cuts and stings.

The four samples of shave soap from Van Yulay consisting of Grand Lodge, Papi’s Pipe, Fougere and WhaTZzzUp! all have some of the same and some new contents as well. Squalane Oil, Mango Butter, Bentonite Clay, Calendula, Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Kokum Butter, these contents helps your skin in many ways such as provide a powerfull antioxidant that helps prevent UV damage and the formation of skin spots, promotes cell growth and is good for dry, sensitive and oily skin. Some of these contents are non greasy and absorb into the skin quickly they are anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing with soft and soothing/moisturizing properties. These contents protect the skin against sunburn and help provide protection from all ready sun burned skin to promote healing and comfort. The Kokum Butter can be used to soften skin and restore elasticity and as a balm for dry, cracked, rough, and calloused skin.

These four sample packs of shave soap from Van Yulay have some of the same ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut Fatty Acid, Glycerin, Oil Argan, Shea Butter. These four shave soaps also have some different ingredients in each one consisting of Kokum Butter, Squalane Oil, Meadow foam, Bentonite clay and Kaolin Clay or better known as China Clay. The pre-shave oil comes in a one ounce bottle with a pump on the top of the bottle. A couple of pumps is all you need for a generous amount of pre-shave oil to coat your dome and face. The pre-shave oil from Van Yulay has a thinner consistency that provides a nice glide for your razor. The pre-shave oil from Van Yulay contains Light Oils along with Essential Oils that provides your Dome and face with an extra thin layer of protection that aides you razor in gliding across the surface of your skin. The Vitamin Extracts found in this pre-shave oil from Van Yulay helps nourish your skin during and after your daily shave. The Grapeseed, Emu Oil, Jojoba, Argan, Red Castor, Sea Buckthorn, Calendula, Botanical HCL & HC, Tea Tree and Hydrolyzed Oat helps to prevent any razor burn, cuts and nicks you may acquire during your shaving routine.

The after shave splash and balm from Van Yulay makes a perfect combo to help keep the skin on your Dome and face soft and smooth. The after shave splash is clear and feels fantastic on your skin after your daily shave. The after shave splash is non-flammable and 70% water. The ingredients used to make the after shave splash are Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel Abyssinian Seed-Emu-Red Castor-Evening Primrose-Rosehip- Oils, Comfrey, Calendula, Tepezcohuite, Oat-Marshmallow- Green Tea Extracts, Liquid Silk, and Fragrance. With contents such as Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Hydrolyzed Oats nourishing while protecting your skin with a great anti-septic is one of Van Yulays goals for their after shaves. The after shave balm Fougere comes in a 3.5 ounce soft bottle with a flip top cap. This soft bottle is made to sit with the cap down so the balm disperses out of the bottle easily. The balm has a thinner consistency than most balms that I’ve used, but that doesn’t change the outcome of the balm from Van Yulay. The thin consistency of the balm just makes it easier to work with. With 1-2 little squeezes of the soft tube the balm comes in and you have a small amount of after shave balm that covers your Dome and face nicely with a consistent balm that cools off your skin after every shave.

The Tea Tree Oil, Argan Oil, Hydrolyzed Oats and Holy Basil helps to prevent bacteria from growing along with stopping ingrown hairs. These contents not only do all of that but also provide vitamins and helps keep your skin well hydrated by a protective, moisture binding coating on the skin. After all that the after shave balm from Van Yulay also helps to close the pores in your skin and make an even skin toner. With ingredients such as Water, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Emulsifying Wax, BTMS, Stearic Acid, Emu Oil, Glycerin, Abyssinian Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Allantoin, Par d Arco, Ylang-Ylang, Tea Tree, Hydrolyzed Oat, Holy Basil, Liquid Silk, Germaben II, and Fragrance a fantastic after shave balm is what you get.

The shave with all of the Van Yulay shave soaps I have all performed the same way. The rich and creamy abundance of lather is above average. The robust consistency fills the bristles of your shave brush creating a full head of lather that applies evenly across your Dome and face. The lather feels smooth and comforting as it sits there patiently awaiting the arrival of your razor to glide across the surface of your skin effortlessly because of the slickness the lather provided. The shave soap that came in the sample packs were softer so I pressed them into the bottom of my shave bowl. If you have not pressed shave soap before it’s rather simple. If your shave soap is hard you are not going to need to press it. Pressing is for shave soap that comes in a sample size container that’s along the softer side. Take a small amount of soap and simply press it into the bottom of your shave bowl. Then start rotating your shave brush over the pressed soap and it will start to lather.

The shave soap that came in the tins were not as soft as the sample packs but were definitely not a hardened soap. One of the unique features of the shave soap from Van Yulay is the way the soap sits in the tin. The shave soap is formed into stars that sits in layers. These layers of stars are a hardened shave soap but not to hard making it easy to build a soft creamy lather from scratch. The stars help build your lather up through an uneven surface. This is the first shave soap that I’ve had that does this and I think it’s a great idea. The aromas all six scents had were both strong and pleasant. I don’t mind strong aromas as long as they are not overpowering. The aromas the shave soaps from Van Yulay have are just right in intensity and longevity.

Along with the shave soap and after shave splash/ balm came a Merkur #38 C. Black Handle Barber Pole DE Safety Razor. Merkur is considered to be the BMW of DE safety razors. The German engineering that stands behind the Merkur DE safety razor is sound and solid. The Merkur #38 C. safety razor is a great razor. It has just the right heft and the handle is the perfect length to make this razor a solid and smooth shave. The heavier the razor the less likely it will skip and nick your Dome and face. it’s easy to change the blade on this Merkur safety razor. Just twist the bottom knuckle and the head comes apart making it easy to change the blade out. The Merkur #38 C. black barber pole DE safety razor is a solid razor that provides a solid and comforting shave. Once you try the shaving products from Van Yulay you will want to make them a permanent fixture in your shaving den.

So what are my thoughts on the shaving products from Van Yulay? An all natural shave with natural ingredients and contents. The shave soaps from Van Yulay provide a robust lather that is both rich and creamy. The Van Yulay shave soaps fill your shave bowl from top to bottom with a lather that clings to the bristles of your shave brush and applies evenly to your Dome and face. The head and face shave with the Van Yulay shaving products are smooth and comforting. The increased slickness from the shave oil applied generously to the Dome and face creates an extra barrier of slickness between the lather and your skin. After your shave for the day is done, cool your dome and face off with the all natural after shave splash and after shave balm. Your shave wouldn’t be complete unless you try the Merkur #38 C. black handle barber pole DE razor. I really enjoyed the couple of days of shaving with the Van Yulay shaving products and I know you will to after you try Van Yulay for the first time.

-Jon Wogoman-

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