Badger shave soap

Don’t be scared of this Badger, It’s Smooth!


When I think of shaving one of the many names that automatically come to mind is Badger. Badger is a company that was started by the founders themselves in a kitchen in 1995. The year 1995 has long since passed, but the growth of Badger has grown from two to many employees and they are as busy as ever producing the fine quality Badger products through blending organic plant extracts, exotic oils, butters and beeswax. Badger is always busy working with informing the community on more natural approaches to lifestyle including healthier eating and more natural products for every day use. Visit the Badger website and see all of the information for yourself and you too as well might take the Badger plunge and try their products for yourself.

The friendly folks at Badger are a family owned and friendly company that has great customer service secondary to none. After a couple of friendly emails regarding the great Badger products and life in general my package of great Badger shaving products were in my mail box just waiting for me to use. I was looking forward to trying the well-known Badger products and I soon realized they lived up to their reputation as a great shaving product and you will too if you decide to try their great products.

I used thefor several shaves and all had the same outcome of smoothness. The Badger pre-shave oil is a great addition to your pre step shave routine. A pre step shave routine can be a vital addition to your shaving routine. A pre step shave routine that includes an exfoliant and pre-shave oil promotes healthy skin. The exfoliant scrubs away all the dead skin on your dome and face, the pre-shave oil adds vitamins and nutrients to the skin on your dome and face. A pre-shave oil also creates a smooth surface for you razor to glide across you dome and face helping to prevent razor-burn, cuts, scrapes and nicks.

The Badger pre-shave oil has a nice thick but not to thick consistency that coats your dome and face with a thickened layer of oil. The thick layer is not to heavy but add a couple drops of water to it and its thick enough to notice. I think a perfect pre-shave oil depends on the amount of water mixed with it. Apply the pre-shave oil to the location you are shaving first. Add a couple of drops of water to the already applied shave oil and if the pre-shave oil beads up you’re in business and on your way to a smoother shave. The Badger pre-shave oil provides your dome and face with a slickened smooth surface for your razor to glide across your skin aiding in preventing razor burn, cuts, nicks and scratches. The Badger pre-shave oil while providing a smooth surface for shaving also nitrifies your skin. The Badger pre-shave oil used on a daily basis also moisturizes the skin as well creating a shaving environment that is both healthy for your skin and a comfortable shave.

Lets not forget fun as well. Having fun with your shaving products is important too. Having fun with your shaving products means your having fun shaving. It’s all about having fun and discovering new products that work for you. There is not a perfect shaving product that works for everyone. The perfect shave is and will always be a personal experience. The perfect shave can make for the perfect beginning or ending of your day. It’s one of those products than can add perfect to every shave whether it’s at the beginning or the ending of your day. The Badger pre-shave oil keeps the skin on your dome and face soft and smooth on the days that you practice shaving and even on the days that you don’t practice shaving. The pre-shave oil from Badger is a fun and beneficial shaving product to use no matter what day of the week it is, try it for yourself and I’m sure you will agree.

With a great pre-prep and an always great and just as important post-prep shave routine. The only thing missing is the middle step, which is, a great shaving soap that you might consider to be the perfect shave product. Badger has the middle step covered with their shave soap. The Badger shave is small but mighty. This shave soap puck is round and weights in at 3.15 ounces. This may be smaller in comparison to other shave pucks but the Badger shave puck offers a creamy lather that provides a knock out shave every time it’s used. The magic of Badger is not only in the Aloe Vera and nutrient-rich coconut oil, and not only in the Glycerin-rich, luxurious lather, and last but not least, the magic of Badger is not only in the Low Furocoumarin Bergamot, which is a non-photosensitizing essential oil. The magic of Badger shave soap is also in the two-minute lather.

The two-minute lather is a time frame that produces a very creamy lather with just the right amount of water added. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you have to work the lather for two minutes to get a creamy and smooth consistency. I’m simply stating that a two-minute lather creates a deeper, richer and creamier lather that provides a smoother shave with an even better cushion. You can still obtain a great creamy smooth lather with a great cushion in under two minutes. In fact a creamy smooth lather is very attainable in a very short period of time with a small amount of product from the Badger shave soap.

I put the Badger shave puck into my own storage container so I don’t have to handle it every time I want to use it. With the Badger shave puck in the proper storage container I can work up a deep rich lather that is booth creamy and has a thick consistency. The thick and creamy consistent lather loads my brush with a heavy lather that applies evenly to my dome and face. The Badger shave soap provides a luxurious shave every time I use it. A hard bristled brush works best with the shave soap from Badger to produce the creamy soft but thick and heavy lather that leaves you dome and face smooth every time with a nice shine. Once your shave for the night is finished the remaining lather can stay in the same storage container, it just dries up back into the shave puck itself creating more soap for your next shave. This is a feature that saves you money and product at the same time. Those sneaky Badger folks, always thinking about their customers!

So what are my final thoughts on the pre-shave oil and shave soap from Badger? A smooth shave every time with well-known product. The Badger pre-shave oil and shave soap work together providing you with a smooth and comfortable shave every time with many benefits along the way. The pre-shave oil works hard providing your razor a smooth surface for a close shave with an effortless glide. The Badger shave soap produces a deep and rich lather with a creamy and smooth consistency that loads your hard or soft bristled brush, and transfers easily to your dome and face. A fantastic cushion is included with every application of creamy robust lather from the Badger shave soap. Every shave from the Badger shave soap will leave you wanting more and wishing you had more hair to shave. Any razor will do but a DE razor unlocks all the potential of this great Badger shave soap with a smooth finish every time.

All Badger products come in recyclable packaging. Its has the recyclable emblems on the back of the packaging. After the product is gone only the packaging remains which is recyclable and the only thing that remains is a smooth shave with classic product that leaves a memorable experience that will last whether you shave every day or every other day with this product. Either way once you experience a trueshave you will want to shave every day with the Badger pre-shave oil and shave soap. The badger pre-shave oil and shave soap will have a spot in my shaving cabinet for future use.

-Jon Wogoman-

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