Jeeves of Hudson Street

A great shave for a seasoned or new wet shaver


Whether you’re a seasoned wet shaver or new to the art form, one thing is for sure. Sometime you are going to try new shave soaps and/or shave creams. Why? for one its good to experience what other soaps or creams have to offer you as far as lather and slickness go. You may also want to do what other shavers have been doing for a long time, and that’s collect shave soaps and creams. Lots of shavers have multiple soaps/creams among other shaving items in their shave den. Some shavers have large collections and some shavers have very small collections. Whatever size your collection is there is one brand of shave soap I know you will want to add to your collection once you try it.

Jeeves of Hudson street or also known as is a veteran owned and operated shop that puts the fantastic into every shave soap they produce. I found Jeeves of Hudson street on a popular social media platform and decided that after I saw all the great posts that I wanted to try their shave soap for myself. First off I want to say that the folks over at Jeeves of Hudson street answered my messages right away with friendly service that makes you want to keep going back for more. I received a tub of Eucalyptus and spearmint shave soap, a shave puck of Cherry Blossom and a sample of their Bay Rum. All three soaps came nicely packaged in a box undamaged when opened. There was no difference in the quality of shave between all three soaps. Each soap produced a nice creamy lather that was thick and robust. The over abundance of lather produced by all three soaps felt fantastic resting on my Dome and face.

I decided to bloom the Cherry Blossom shave soap puck from Jeeves of Hudson Street. I like blooming soap, it really unlocks the maximum potential of the soap being bloomed. The lather is much creamier and thicker with a better slickness. After the Cherry Blossom shave puck was bloomed I started rotating my badger silver tipped hard bristled shave brush in circular rotations by-passing the pre-lather and working right into the shave lather. The lather was much deeper and had a superb richness. My shave bowl was filled from the bottom to the top with a lather that filled the bristles of my shave brush blooming it like a flower. I’ve always enjoyed blooming shave soap and look forward to this process every chance I get. The Cherry Blossom shave soap puck from Jeeves of Hudson Street is a perfect soap for a good night of blooming.

The Eucalyptus & Spearmint scented shave soap from Jeeves of Hudson Street and the Bay Rum soap sample both lathered the same without using the blooming method. The lather was thick and rich. The lather was just as robust as the Cherry Blossom lather was, it just took a little more work to get there. With out completing the blooming process it takes several extra rotations of your shave brush to create a pre-lather that can be worked into a shave ready lather to your liking. The aroma of all three soaps are strong but pleasant. The scent makes a strong presence but is not overwhelming. Once you try the shave soaps from Jeeves of Hudson Street for the first time you will want to make the first time every time you shave. The head shave with all three shave soaps from Jeeves of Hudson street was both smooth and comfortable. The lather was thick and creamy it spread evenly across my dome in a thick and heavy application. The lather provided an increased slickness that aided my razor in gliding across my dome shaving away all of the unwanted hair without feeling any additional drag or pull. The face shave was just as good as the head shave. Overall my experience with the Eucalyptus and Spearmint, Cherry Blossom and Bay Rum shave soaps from Jeeves of Hudson Street has added value to every shave on an every day basis.

So what are my final thoughts on the shave soaps from Jeeves of Hudson Street? A fantastic shave for a well seasoned or new shaver learning the fine art of wet shaving. The Eucalyptus and Spearmint, Cherry Blossom and Bay Rum shave soaps from Jeeves of Hudson Street provides a thick and creamy lather that’s both robust and comforting for a fantastic shave every day. The lather provides an increased slickness that decreases the risk of razor burn, cuts and scrapes. The aroma from all three soaps are strong but not overwhelming.

-Jon Wogoman-

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