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Wet shaving has been around for well over one hundred years. The term was first used in a patent issued in 1880 for one of the first safety razors. since then cartridge razors came into the shaving community narrowing the numbers of wet shavers abroad. Today wet shaving is a time-honored tradition practiced by many. Wet shaving is an art form that takes constant practice to get the perfect shave, and a perfect shave to you may not be the perfect shave to someone else. What you consider to be the perfect DE razor and other items of equipment may not be the perfect selection for others. That’s one point of wet shaving that’s attractive to other shavers. All wet shavers no matter if it’s a weekend hobbyist or a die-hard daily wet shaver can get together and discuss techniques, equipment and tell stories related to experiences with wet shaving.

I started wet shaving about a year ago and I love it. I started wet shaving my face and soon turned towards including my head. Wet shaving my head is a little different than my face. Wet shaving my head takes a little more time and patience but the thrill of wet shaving is in full swing on a daily basis in my bathroom when its time for my nightly shave. Not only does a shave with a DE razor feel better and is better for your skin, I also enjoy the setting up and clean up as well. I love working on my lathering skills to produce the perfect lather. I have several DE razors that I use throughout the week for my daily shave and one day I decided that I wanted to try a vintage razor. There are literally thousands of DE razors to try starting from the low-end of the financial spectrum to the high-end. You can spend as low as ten to fifteen dollars or hundreds of dollars on a safety razor. The choice is yours and whatever suites your fancy.

I’ve been around social media some and read several reviews on The The Razor Emporium is located in Phoenix Arizona. Tragically I could not visit their store because I’m located somewhere much further away, but if I could I think I would hang out and publish all my reviews from there because they have a certain item that I can’t seem to get enough of, RAZORS!!!!! Yep the Razor Emporium carrys new DE razors and vintage DE razors as well. The Razor Emporium carry’s vintage straight and safety razors, an assortment of shaving accessories and they also focus on antique razor restoration to get your treasured razor back into tip-top working condition so it will provide you with many happy days of shaving all that unwanted hair away. The Razor Emporium has a one hundred percent guarantee that you can buy from their establishment and what you see is what you get. Meaning, if you buy from their website you get exactly what you see, they guarantee it. The Razor Emporium also promises a wide selection of razors, detailed descriptions including photos for all their items, a one hundred percent guarantee and always friendly customer service.

After looking around their website awhile and reading about the services they offer and viewing the vintage and different DE razors they sell I decided I definitely wanted to try a vintage razor from their site. I contacted the Razor Emporium and friendly customer service is right! The friendly staff at Razor Emporium answered all my questions in a timely manner with friendly courtesy. Before I knew it I received my late 1940’s/ early 1950’s Gillette Super speed with a custom Satin nickel revamped finish. Opening that box marked with the Razor Emporium logo felt like Christmas day when I was a child. I actually think I squealed a little bit. I guess you can say that I was excited. Why was I excited? not just because it was another DE razor to add to my collection, but it is a DE razor that is from the time era that wet shaving was more than just a hobby, it was when wet shaving was one of the only forms of shaving.

One of the first things I noticed about my new Gillette Super Speed from the Razor Emporium is that it looks brand new but is dated from the late 1940’s to early 1950’s meaning one thing. The Razor Emporium is doing it right. If I would not have known this razor is over sixty years old I would have never have guessed it by looking at it. The Gillette Super Speed from the Razor Emporium is a beautiful razor with a fantastic satin finish right out of the box. Before using it I took a little time and studied it. Sometimes something might look perfect but when you look more closely at it, then is when you start to see all the little flaws that object might have. I saw no flaws what so ever with the Gillette Super Speed. The Satin finish was flawless. The Gillette Super Speed from the Razor Emporium is a butterfly razor meaning the top of the head splits down the middle opening up for an easier DE blade change by turning the bottom knuckle left and right. The head of the razor opened and closed with ease and no hang ups. The inner mechanics of the razor head was in perfect working order and condition. I don’t know what kind of condition this razor was in when the fine folks at the Razor Emporium got their hands on it but I can tell you that after they were done working their magic on the Gillette Super Speed it was in perfect working condition with a great cosmetic look.

I would love to say that I didn’t draw first blood with my very first shave with the Gillette super Speed from the Razor Emporium, but I can’t say that. I will say that it was all from my own doing and not the razor itself. It’s always a good thing to look at the blade gap on any DE razor before you shave with it. This should be a no brainer and for some reason I did not follow that train of thought. I was so excited I just lathered my Dome up with some of my favorite shave soap and went to work. On the first pass I drew blood and it stung a little bit. After examining my new razor I saw that it had a considerable blade gap about it. A blade gap is how much of the blade is exposed to the skin. A razor with a small blade gap means less blade being exposed to the skin. It also means less hair being shaved at the same time. A smaller blade gap is less aggressive on your skin and is a great option for someone just starting to learn how to wet shave. A medium blade gap means more skin is exposed to the razor and a chance of more irritation to the skin if your angle is not what it should be. A DE razor with a wide blade gap is more of an aggressive razor that feels almost scratchy during shaving. The scratchiness is not from faulty blades, it’s from a large area of the skin exposed to the blades. A razor with a large blade gap also means less strokes to get the job done. A DE razor with a large blade gap takes a little more effort to find the right angle.

After healing my war wounds I decided to give it another go and changed my angle a bit. After changing my angle it was like a whole new razor. The Gillette Super Speed from the Razor Emporium shaved through my hair on my Dome and face like butter. The strokes were slow but steady leaving behind a smooth surface that once had hair there. The handle on the Gillette super speed is shorter and the whole razor itself is lighter in weight so it takes a little practice with determining how much pressure you need for a smooth and relaxing shave. The heavier the razor the less chances of the razor skipping across your Dome or face during your nightly shave. With just the right amount of pressure applied to the Gillette Super speed it was good times during every shave.

The shorter handle did not change the maneuverability of the razor during shaving. I had no problems getting to those difficult spots each wet shaver seems to have. The head shave was good. Smooth slow strokes on my Dome made the shave even better and more reliable. I started to feel safe with the razor after each head shave. The creamier the lather the better the razor seemed to perform. The slicker the lather the faster it performed. Each head shave was better than the last and I can honestly say no more blood shed. The face shave was spectacular almost a one pass shave since the hair on my face is not very coarse. You can definitely feel the aggressiveness with every shave and also the comforting side of each shave as well. The Gillette Super Speed DE razor from Razor Emporium is an aggressive razor but I had no problems with razor burn, cuts or nicks after I dialed in the correct angle. I’m definitely very satisfied with this razor and look forward to using it more on a consistent basis.

Last but not least lets talk about safety with the Gillette Super Speed from the Razor Emporium. What I like about the butterfly style razors is that the top of the head itself separates down the middle opening up for the blade exchange. Just open the head of the razor by turning the knuckle on the bottom of the razor to the right or the left. You now can just turn the razor upside down and the DE blade will fall out, you don’t have to mess with touching the DE blade and take the chance on cutting your fingers. I like the butterfly style razor more when it comes to safety because with the DE safety razor that you have to unscrew the head to change the blade you run the risk of cutting the palm of your hand from touching the blade. Safety first is what I say, and safety first is what you get with the Gillette Super Speed DE safety razor from the Razor Emporium.


So what are my final thoughts on the Gillette Super Speed Vintage DE razor with custom Satin Finish? It’s vintage shaving at its best with this razor. The inner mechanics are in pristine condition. The doors on the top of the razor that open and close for razor replacement operate in a smooth manner. The Satin finish is both beautiful and solid with withstanding the day to day usage. Not only does this late 1940’s early 1950’s DE razor look brand new from top to bottom but it gives a great shave and maneuvers around into those hard to reach areas with ease. The head shave was fantastic once I got the right angle down and the face shave felt the same. The scratchy yet still comfortable shave tells me that the blade gap is wide allowing more of the blade to come into contact with the skin on my Dome and face. The creamier the lather the smoother the shave. The more robust the lather is the more slickness it provides making The Gillette Super Speed vintage DE razor from Razor Emporium a slow yet relaxing shave. The aggressiveness of this razor makes each shave almost a one pass shave on the face but 2-3 passes on the Dome to try and achieve the baby butt smooth feeling, I haven’t gotten there yet but I will with more practice. I look forward to future shaves with the Gillette Super Speed from the Razor Emporium. The Razor Emporium provides a great restoration service, customer service and quality wet shaving equipment. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of vintage razor I received from their store and will contacting them once again for future shaving needs. The Razor Emporium can quickly become a home away from home for this bald guy and head shaver.

-Jon Wogoman-

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