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What do you look for in a great shaving soap? A great lather?, cushion and slickness? or, smoothness and comfort. Do you look for a shaving soap that posses all of these great elements for what you would consider to be the perfect shave soap? In reality, a perfect shave soap doesn’t exist. What you consider to be the perfect shave soap might not be the same for the next shaver. There are multitudes of shaving soaps and creams you can buy and they all have similar traits with similar end results, but are all different. So again, I ask you the same question as before, what do you look for in a great shaving soap?

I found BallenClaugh during a search for shave soaps. BallenClaugh is found on several social media platforms which is a very smart move if you think about it. Social media allows brands engagement with their followers and consumers to stay connected with upcoming special announcements or important news the brands might have to announce. Social media also allows brands to be found by accident, or, through as less work as possible by the consumer. After a couple of friendly emails and chats I had a couple of BallenClaugh soap products in my hands ready to provide a close and smooth shave, just as he claimed his soaps to provide. I’m sure after you try his soaps you will agree that BallenClaugh shave soaps provide many of the elements that you look for in a great shave soap with a smooth and very pleasant shaving experience. One thing’s for sure, you can find these shave soaps that have a great lather, cushion, slickness, smoothness and comfort it just takes time and effort. You can also find these products through various reviews as well. BallenClaugh shave soap is a product, in my opinion, that has all these great elements for a super smooth shave on your dome and face that will have you wanting to shave more than once a day. I had the luxury of trying two of his shave soaps. The Old Barber Menthol and the Woodsman both came in these clear containers that allowed great portion control by being able to put small amounts of product into my shave bowl to begin the lathering stage of my shaving routine for the night. With just a little hot water added to my shave bowl, these shave soaps burst with lather almost right away when starting to work up a good lather for what was a great shave for the night with BallenClaugh shave soap.

The shave soaps lathered so quickly that it took no time at all to produce a nice creamy lather that felt just as good on my dome and face as it looked in my shave bowl before applying it with my shave brush. The BallenClaugh shave soap loaded my shave brush with a thick, creamy lather that filled the bristles of my silvertip badger hair shave brush. My hard bristled shave brush transferred it to my dome and face with a rich application of lather that also provided a great cushion with slickness that had my razor gliding across my dome with ease and comfort. BallenClaugh shave soap was a pleasurable experience that had me a little disappointed that I didn’t have more hair on my dome and face to shave off. I made more than one pass on my dome, not because BallenClaugh shave soap has any short comings when it comes to performance. I made more than one pass because of the pleasurable experience BallenClaugh shave soap provided. I also had product left over and you can’t let it go to waste right?? I was very pleased with the performance from start to finish with the BallenClaugh shave soap. It just goes to show you that you never know when your going to find a great shave soap. All you have to do is take a chance and broaden you horizons with different products to keep your shaving routine and techniques new and exciting. BallenClaugh shave soaps can do exactly that. Everyone has their own idea of what is and is not acceptable when it comes to fragrance levels. Some folks like strong fragrances that make a bold statement. Some folks like a very mild fragrance that’s not very noticeable but makes an impression, and some folks like the all fragrance free products. I’m in the all three category depending on what fragrance it is and the aroma it gives off.

The Old Barber Menthol and The Woodsman fragrances of the BallenClaugh shave soap are mild with the application of lather to your dome and face that have a faint lasting impression long after your shave is done for the evening. The names of these two great shave soaps from BallenClaugh are pretty self-explanatory. The Old Barber Menthol has a great menthol aroma that is noticeable but not overwhelming, and The Woodsman has an outdoors pine smell about it. I like booth fragrances alike. I’m impressed with The Woodsman for the mere fact that I’m not an outdoors type of guy and I usually don’t use products that produce an outdoors smell. The Woodsman even though produces an outdoor smell is very faint and long-lasting. So what are my final thoughts on the Old Barber Menthol and The Woodsman shave soap from BallenClaugh? A great soap with all the elements that make these soaps a great product to shave with. From the minimal product needed to produce a thick and creamy lather to the cushion provided by this soap with the application of lather to your dome and face creating an overall smooth and relaxing shave. The Old Barber Menthol and The Woodsman shave soap from BallenClaugh definitely has a space in my shave den from now on.

-Jon Wogoman-

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