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It’s no secret that I use both a cartridge razor and a DE safety razor. I have been called traitor by some and I say it’s all about choices. It’s all about how you want to shave and shave with. There are many benefits to using a DE safety razor but it’s just not for everyone and that’s ok. When wet shaving just isn’t on your bucket or things to do list and shaving with a straight razor seems like an unobtainable task then you have two choices left. To go total mountain man and leave shaving behind forever or shave with a cartridge razor. Many men shave with a cartridge razor every day and are satisfied with it. One of the problems with cartridge razors has always been the cost of the cartridges themselves. They can be a little pricey. Some razors cost a little cheaper than others but they are still in the same ball park of expensive. If you shave your head and your face it gets even more expensive because your razor dullens at a faster pace.

In the past couple of years companies such as Harry’s has made their mark in the shaving industry with a monthly subscription that suites any shaver no matter how many times they shave. Here’s how it works. When picking your shave plan you first decide how many times a week you are planning on shaving. Harry’s gives you these three choices of One day per week or less with the product shipping to you every five months. Two to Four days per week with product arriving on your door step every three months, and, Five to Seven days a week with product reaching you every two months. You have several choices to choose from but the choices don’t stop there. The next group of choices are what products you want to come with your razors.

The next three choices are what products you want with your blades. The first choice is just the blades and nothing else which of course is the cheapest. You get eight Harry’s blades that’s it. Your second choice is eight Harry’s blades and two bottles of foaming shave gel, and the third option is eight Harry’s blades two bottles of foaming shave gel and One after shave moisturizer. How many times a week you shave decides when your shipment arrives on your door step. If you shave 5-7 days a week then your shipment comes every two months. A 2-4 days a week shaver gets their product every three months and a one day a week shaver gets their product every five months. Of course different options mean different cost, but when you look at the cost of each plan its cheaper across the board compared to buying the same products in a store.

The next group of options is the color of your free handle. Harry’s provides the razor handle for free. There are four colors to choose from Total Orange, Nautilus Blue, Ivory and Olive 107. I’m sure that you can find the right color of handle to fit your need. I will say that the colors are pretty vivid and colorful. After you have made all of your choices you reach the check out and you are well on your way to getting a great shave at a cheaper price. I decided after looking over the website that I wanted to try Harry’s shaving products. I’ve seen them plenty of times on social media outlets and have heard good things about their razors. The customer service was prompt and friendly and they answered all my questions. My box of Harry’s shaving products was sitting on my doorstep with in a cardboard shipping box with a big H down on the corner of the box. Simple but nice. I was excited to see just how good the shave was and I was pleasantly surprised with my findings.

I don’t know about any other shaver but the one thing that worries me a little with every new razor I try is the angle needed to get the closest and smoothest shave I can get from any razor. Sometimes this learning curve can be substantial depending on what style and razor you are learning with. When I first looked at the razor from Harry’s the angle of the head of the razor looked a lot different than the angle of my other razors. The learning curve turned out to be very small and before I knew it I felt at ease with the razor from Harry’s. I will say that Harry’s is not geared toward Bald men with shaving their heads. If you try Harry’s for shaving your head just remember that it’s not meant for head shaving. Each head shave with was smooth and comfortable. At no point did I suffer from any kind of razor burn, cuts or nicks. The razor from Harry’s was easy to maneuver around the top and sides of my head as well as the back of my head. With the grain and against the grain both ways was pleasurable and left my Dome with a smooth finish.

The shave on the face was just as smooth as well. I got around 4-5 shaves with each cartridge. This number is based on using the same cartridge on my Dome and face every day. If you just shave your face that overall number will be larger. Each stroke of the razor from Harry’s felt good across my skin. It took a little bit of extra pressure on my Dome to get the job done but nothing to complain about. Like I said before the razor from Harry’s is not geared toward Head shaving but they very well could. It was a great shave and I’ll be using it again soon I’m sure of it. Harry’s also sent me a Movember razor which is basically the same razor handle but in a blue color.

The handle on the Harry’s razor is slightly curved and is on the thick side making it easy to hold on to. The handle is made of plastic and doesn’t slip in your hand even after it gets wet. The handle comes in solid colors with a capital H on the front of the handle near the bottom. The capital H on the front of the handle is etched out of a lighter color so it stands out on the handle no matter what color it is. The cartridge head of the razor is easily replaced by pushing the button located on the front of the handle directly underneath the blades. Easy on easy off every time. The razor refills only works with the Harry’s razors which is the same for any cartridge razor you buy. One of the many things I like about Harry’s is the fact that they own the factory that your razors are made in giving them total control. That’s why Harry’s can provide razors that give you a fantastic shave for your head and face a much lower monthly cost

The shaving foam came in a tube that had a button on the top of the nozzle. One push of the button and out came the shaving foam. The shaving foam from Harry’s is not a brush soap, so no need for a bowl and brush just squeeze into the palm of your hands and apply it to your Dome and face. Just a little product needed to whip up a nice coat of foam on your Dome and face for a good shave. It’s been a long time since I’ve used foam soap and I was surprised at the quality it had. You really only need a little to coat your face and dome with a foam soap that feels good on your skin.

There were some other accessories that came with my Truman set from Harry’s. A couple of extra razors were included in the Truman set so you don’t run out of fantastic shaves. A travel razor guard to protect your razor during traveling or for when it’s just sitting around. The razor itself comes with a guard that fits over the top of the razor protecting the blades. The travel guard fits around the whole cartridge adding extra protection against rough traveling. Either way your razor is safe. Last but not least, the Truman set from Harry’s comes with a small packet of aftershave to cool the skin on your Dome and face after your nightly shave with Harry’s. Harry’s has thought of just about everything for your nightly shave.

The last accessory that I received did not come standard in the Truman set but can be purchased of their website is the razor stand that holds your Harry’s razor in a vertical position making storage even easier than before. The stand is in the shape of a small cube that has a hole in the top were you sit your Harry’s razor inside so it stands on end. The small cube is weighted so it doesn’t fall over. A classy touch to a simple yet classy razor. You can’t go wrong with the razor stand from Harry’s.

What are my final thoughts on the Harry’s Truman set? A great set that provides a great shave. The Truman set from Harry’s comes standard with the items you need for a great shave. The razor feels great on your skin and doesn’t require a lot of pressure to get rid of all that unwanted hair you have. The razors feel smooth across your Dome and face leaving a comfortable feeling behind with every shave. The foam shave soap feels light and soothing on your skin. The Truman set from Harry’s also comes with several replacement blades to keep you from running out, and the razor guard adds extra protection for all your travels or for just sitting around the house. Add the Harry’s cube stand for your razor for a great storage selection. Not only does Harry’s provide a great shave but their razors and soap are available on a monthly plan as well.

-Jon Wogoman-

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