TheBathingBear shave soap

These Bears are smooth and friendly!


Have you ever heard the expression, never judge a book by its cover? So what am I talking about? I’m talking about shave soap that comes packaged in paper instead of a tin. I’ve received shaving soap packaged both ways, and this should be a no brainer, however, I have to say it. The packaging doesn’t make a difference when it comes to functioning the way it should and providing you with the results you are looking for. The only aspect of shaving soap packaged in a tin or paper is proper storage. Shaving soap packaged in a tin already comes in its own storage container were shave soap requires other methods of storage. The other aspect when you compare to shave soap packed in paper or tin is the transferring of lather. Soap packaged in a tin already provides a container to start the lathering process before transferring to your shave bowl. With soap packaged in paper you have to either hold the soap in your hand while lathering into your shave bowl, or, find an alternative container to store your soap in.

I prefer shave soap stored in a larger container so I don’t have to transfer lather from one container to another, or, to lather soap in my hand before transferring to my shave bowl. The less I have to handle my shave soap the better performance it has, the less messier it is and the more soap you save in the end. If your soap is stored in the same container you use for storage you can work up a lather to your liking and when your shave for the night is finished, let the excess lather dry back into the shave soap and store it for another night, whether it’s the next night or a different night all together. This method saves you time, money and product. I found TheBathingBear soap company on while searching for shaving soap. Pappa bear over at TheBathingBear soap company on is a friendly patron of our Bald Community and he definitely believes in supporting the bald lifestyle. We had some friendly discussions and as soon as I turned around and looked, all four bears were siting on my doorstep.

I had the privilege of trying these four soaps from TheBathingBear and all four soaps performed equally producing the same amount of thick rich lather that performed with a quality that only all four bears from TheBathingBear soap company can provide. All four of the soaps from TheBathingBear soap company came packaged in paper which is fine with me. I placed each soap in its own container large enough to work up a thick rich 2 minute lather, and after my shave for the night is done let the remaining lather dry up back into the soap itself saving product for a later date and putting more money back in your pocket. With the soap from TheBathingBear soap company in its new home for storage and lathering capabilities I started to work up a great two-minute lather. It didn’t take long before the foamy lather in the beginning phase to turn into a thick creamy bowl of richness that transfers from the bowl to my dome and face through the bristles of my shaving brush. The thick creamy lather fills out the bristles of my brush resembling a flower of thick lather that covers my dome and face with a thick application of lather. The thick creamy lather provides my razor a smooth surface between the skin on my dome and face and the lather just applied for a seamlessly smooth shave with a great cushion providing smoothness all the way from start to finish with a great shine.

Not only do the soaps from TheBathingBear provide a great lather with a smooth finish from start to finish with the help of a great cushion. The soaps from TheBathingBear also provide what seems to be a never-ending lather due to these soaps being more along the lines of thirsty soaps. What is a thirsty soap? In my opinion a thirsty soap is a waterfall of lather. The more water you add the more lather you produce. Being careful to how much water you add is the difference between an abundance of thick and creamy lather to a weak and watery lather. Your safest bet is to add drops of water to your lather, if you need more, just add a couple of drops of water at a time and re-lather until you get the right consistency for your perfect lather that makes your perfect shave for the night. My magic number is four, four drops of water added to my bowl of thick creamy lather and the more thick creamy lather the soaps from TheBathingBear soap company produces. Like I once said before you should never judge a book by its cover. You never know what you will find and you never know what friendly bears might be waiting for you to provide a fantastic shave that will turn you into an animal lover forever.

So what are my final thoughts on the soap from The BathingBear soap company? A great shave with a nice smoothness that makes my dome and face happy, and if you try the soaps from TheBathingBear you might find you feel the same way. These thirsty soaps produce an over abundance of thick and creamy lather with just the right amount of water added to keep your shave bowl flowing with smoothness courtesy of TheBathingBear soap company. The cushion and slickness provided by these soaps create a seemless shave that has your razor gliding across your dome and face with serious comfort leaving razor burn and all the other little nicks and cuts out of your shave for the night and every other night you decide to shave with the shave soaps from TheBathingBear soap company.

-Jon Wogoman-

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