Calling all shavers! This soap has a warrior call!


I think it’s safe to say that I’m addicted to shaving soap. It’s the thrill of the shave I guess you could say. It’s the what if factor, what if the next brand of shave soap provides me with the perfect shave. The reality of it is, there is not a perfect product that provides a perfect shave for everyone. A perfect shave product to one may not be a perfect shave product to another. It’s all about trying different products to see what works for you and what provides you with the perfect shave by your own standards. I found warrior soaps on Etsy.com while searching for new shaving products to try and continue living the bald lifestyle on a daily basis. WarriorSoaps is a diamond in the rough, it’s a great shaving soap that provides a great shave, and if you try it for yourself I’m sure you will discover the same thing for yourself. After a couple of friendly emails, the package that contained my new shaving products quickly showed up on my door step.

I’m a big fan of total shaving solutions. I always think pre-shave oil, shave soap and after-shave splash or balm makes a great combination for a smooth shave. If you don’t have the luxury of all three items a combination of this that and the other will work as well. If I have to choose two products instead of having all three I will always choose pre-shave oil and shave soap as my combination of choice, but on this occasion I have the luxury of all three items and it’s smoothness all the way from start to finish. The all natural pre-shave oil and “Austere” shave soap from Warrior Soaps is a great combination to suit all your shaving needs and so much more. The pre-shave oil has a thick consistency that gives your face and dome a slick surface for your razor blade to glide across your dome and face cutting through the rich lather and providing a smooth shave. The all natural pre-shave oil has a very faint aroma that’s barely noticeable but still does exactly what Warrior Soaps intended their pre-shave oil to do, and that’s providing a great shave, and an even greater shave when combined with the “Austere” all natural shave soap.

I couldn’t wait to tear into this soap from Warrior Soaps and see how it lathered, and I have to say, I was happy from start to finish with the quality of lather this soap from Warrior soaps produced. The “Austere” all natural shave soap from Warrior Soaps feels great on your dome and face. It doesn’t take long for “Austere” shaving soap from warrior soaps to work into a deep lather in your bowl. With less product needed this abundant lather is rich and smooth with little to no dissipation in your bowl or on your face and dome. With 15-30 seconds of rotations of my shave brush the “Austere” shave soap from Warrior Soaps produces a deep rich lather that loads up my shave brush every time. This creamy lather nestles inside the hard bristles of my badger hair brush and coats the outside with a generous proportion of thick lather until its transferred to its final destination of your dome and face for a superior shave every time used. you can tell a lot about a shave soap by the way it lathers in your bowl, and, by the way it loads on to and in to your shave brush. A nice creamy texture usually means a thick application to your dome or face and produces a great shave with a great cushion for a soft smooth shave, and a great cushion is exactly what you get when using “Austere” shave soap from warrior soaps. A great cushion leads to a comfortable shave

I recently bought some zip lock 4oz storage containers with a screw top lid for shave soap that does not come in a container for storage. Having your soap in the right sized container for use is important. Having the right container for your soap is a money saver and a financial gain. There is plenty of room in the 4oz container that I don’t have to transfer the soap back and forth from the container I use for storage of “Austere” from Warrior Soaps to my shave bowl I use everyday. I can just work this all natural shave soap from Warrior soaps into the deep rich lather it produces while inside the 4 oz container, use the abundant creamy lather on my dome and face and then when I’m done, let all the extra rich lather left over dry back into the shave soap from Warrior Soaps. Just having a larger container to fit your shave soap in saves you time and money. The lather I would have rinsed down the drain due to a smaller container now dries back into the shave soap for a later use.

You will see first hand the rich creamy lather left in your shave bowl after first use of “Austere” the all natural shave soap from Warrior Soaps, and want to reuse the same soap on a daily basis. Especially after the first shave and the smoothness that’s left behind on your face and dome in between each shave. After your shave withis done don’t forget to add the all natural aftershave splash to help with any nicks, cuts, scrapes or razor burn you might have collected along the way. The superior shave you get from the Warrior Soaps products will definitely try to make those unwanted aspects of shaving a thing of the past I’m sure of it. I would love to guarantee that but as you and I both know, that’s a guarantee you can’t make. Even the most experienced shaver with a great shaving routine gets all those nasty cuts, scrapes and areas of razor burn sometimes. The aroma of the all natural aftershave splash from warrior soaps is minimal and contains no alcohol. No alcohol means no stinging with applying it to your face and dome. I just dab the splash on my dome since there is more area to cover. I then finish off my nightly routine shave with a great moisturizer of my choice. I said it once and I will say it again, it’s all about choices to make your shaving experiences fun, exciting and to keep it fresh. I really enjoyed shaving with warrior soaps shaving products and I think you will as well. You can either just try each product with other products which would work well, or, try all three together for a total shave solution that would unlock the full potential of the Warrior Soaps. Either way you should try the all natural shaving products from warrior soaps to get a superior shave that leaves you coming back for more.

So what are my final thoughts on the all natural pre-shave oil, “Austere” shave soap and aftershave splash from warrior soaps? An all natural smoothness from start to finish for you face and dome. From the thick consistency pre-shave oil to the all natural shave soap and aftershave splash, smoothness is what you will get with a lot of extra goodies along the way. If you are looking for a great shaving solution from start to finish without a lot of razor burn, cuts, and scrapes than Warrior Soaps is the right solution for you. If you are looking for a great shave soap with a more than adequate cushion for comfort than this shaving solution will fit your needs as well. I am proud to say that the shaving products from Warrior Soaps will have a designated place in my den of shaving products and a spot in my shaving routine from now on.

-Jon Wogoman-

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