Maclurasurgical Safety Razors

Get a great shave from Maclurasurgical   Wet shaving is a time-honored tradition that not only is alive and well close to home here in the United States but far away as well. Wet Shaving either as a hobby or full-blown addiction can be found all over the world. As a wet shaving enthusiast my self I’ve talked with shavers from Africa, all over Europe … Continue reading Maclurasurgical Safety Razors Safety Razor

Get a Manly Shave With The Safety Razor   Let’s be honest. There’s nothing like a great shave from a great safety razor. There are literally thousands of safety razors available on the market today and all of them are different. Not all safety razors are the same. Some may look the same but they all provide a different shaving experience. What to look … Continue reading Safety Razor

The DreadNought Spartan Safety Razor

The Spartan Safety Razor   What do you look for when you are acquiring a new safety razor? Do you ask yourself questions before you start looking or do you just look around until you see one you like? Are you specific with your searches regarding blade gap, how many grams the razor weights or what kind of knurling the handle of the razor has? … Continue reading The DreadNought Spartan Safety Razor