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I love shave soap and no matter how many soaps I get to try in my lifetime there will always be soaps that stand out from the rest. It could be that maybe these soaps have an unforgettable lather and slickness, or maybe a cushion that’s just no less than fantastic. Maybe this soap has an unforgettable post shave feel. These are all good reasons for a shaving product to stand out. The Himalayan Cedar shave soap from Alluvian.Co stands out for all of these reasons but also for so much more. Alluvian also believes in, and promotes Sustainability. Do you know that our oceans are full of plastic? In fact there is so much plastic found in our oceans that if we don’t wake up and make necessary changes there will be more plastic than fish by weight in our oceans by 2050. The San Francisco Bay area has somewhere around seven million pieces of plastic dumped into the waters daily. These are staggering numbers and also very scary. We are killing our planet and we will definitely succeed if some changes are not made.

Big changes start from little changes that ultimately come from even the smallest changes started from individuals and our social environment. A movement picks up momentum by more people joining the movement and adapting their lifestyle by making the necessary changes needed to continue following the movement. Alluvian is one of those companies that are making changes for a better environment and lifestyle by producing and selling a plastic free product that also comes packaged in a plastic free container that’s recyclable and biodegradable. Alluvian is definitely taking an active role in helping to save our environment. Why would you not want to follow in their footsteps and support their actions by using their shaving product. Part of the proceeds of every alluvian product sold is used to help support our environment. A great soap with a great cause! I like that and I can definitely stand behind that!

The Himalayan Cedar shave soap from Alluvian comes in a plastic free 4.3 oz tin with a screw on/off lid. The Himalayan Cedar shave soap has a hard consistency that lathers well. A couple of initial rotations of my hard bristled shave brush across the top of this soap created a pre-lather. I transferred the pre-lather into my shave bowl and continued the rotations with my brush turning it into a robust and creamy shave ready lather. The soft and luxurious lather clung to the bristles of my shave brush blooming the bristles like a flower. The lather applied evenly across the skin of my dome and face. The thick lather provided cushion with a lot of slickness that aided my razor in gliding across my skin with less friction creating a comfortable shave. The post shave feel was amazing. There was no irritation and my skin felt soft and supple.

What I also noticed was the slickness that the lather provided during my shave was still present during the post shave feel. The aroma of the Himalayan Cedar shave soap was strong but pleasant. The scent of the shave soap is on the masculine side but not overwhelming to your senses or to the people around you. Not only does the Himalayn Cedar shave soap from Alluvian.Co create a lather that’s creamy and robust providing a nice cushion with a lot of slickness. This shave soap also contains several natural ingredients that have a lot of beneficial qualities for your skin as well. Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Essential Oils and Bentonite Clay Cleanses the skin, are Anti-Fungal, Antimicrobrial, Helps the skin to fight Eczema, psoriasis and Acne, Blackheads and Pimples, Helps the skin fight Wrinkles and Age defining lines, Helps relive irritation from Sun Burn and Bug bites, A natural Exfoliator and Skin Toner, Maintains and protects the deep water content in your skin, Moisturizing and increasing the suppleness level of your skin, Helps regenerate skin cells keeping your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, Helps moisturize dry, itchy and cracked skin. The Himalayan Cedar shave soap has all these positive attributes for your skin found in such a little container.

The Himalayan Cedar shave soap also contains Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay carries a negative charge when hydrated. This negative charge bonds to the positive charge of the impurities and toxins found in your skin. These toxins are absorbed by the Bentonite clay releasing the minerals for the body to use. Think of the Bentonite clay as a sponge. You get it wet and it swells soaking toxins from your skin releasing the minerals to be absorbed back into the skin. I love Bentonite it has so many good qualities for skin care that it’s worth it to use. I have several shaving products that contain bentonite clay and every one of these products I look forward to using more often.

What are my final thoughts on the Himalayan Cedar shave soap from Alluvian.Co? A great shave soap that is environmentally friendly and provides a fantastic shave with good skin care qualities. Alluvian.Co believes in a plastic free environment. Alluvian donates a portion of their proceeds to helping to create a better environment for you and me as well as our wild life and fishy friends in the ocean. Their shave soap provides a robust and creamy lather with a slickness and cushion that makes each shave comfortable. A nightly or daily shave with Alluvian is memorable and a memorable shave is a shave that you want to revisit time and time again. The ingredients used to make their shave soap have so many great skin care benefits that makes you want to use their shaving products every time you have to decide what product you want to shave with. I feel very fortunate to have the Alluvian Himalayan Cedar shave soap in my shaving den of shaving products.

-Jon Wogoman-

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