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Get a great shave with Bogue Milk Soap!


I love getting boxes of soap. I like the excitement of opening a box full of soaps and wondering how each shave will feel. I like the excitement of finding out how a soap lathers and how much lather a soap can produce, and, what kind of slickness does the soap produce for a great shave. Yep, the idea of opening a box of soap breeds excitement as well as curiosity for the brand that I received the soap from. The curiosity leads me to wanting to try more product from that particular brand of soap. That’s what happened with the box of soap I received from

I found Bogue MilkSoap on a very popular social media platform and read all good things about the company. I found their website and dug in reading more and more about all of their soaps and what they have to offer. has a lot to offer any shaver looking for more than just soap to shave with. They offer several lines of soap ranging from vegan and goats milk to specialty soaps. Bogue MilkSoap also offers men’s beard grooming products as well as shaving soaps and shaving sets. even offers a monthly subscription service for their fine quality soaps. offers a nice variety of products I’m sure any shaver will love no matter what mode of shaving you practice.

When opening my review box of quality milk soaps from Bogue MilkSoap I noticed something different right away that proved to be very useful. All three samples of soaps had numbers stamped on the top of them. Along with these stamped soaps came the paper that had a description of each soap with the number stamped on top of it. The soap that came in the shave bowl was marked #16 which is one of Bogue shave soaps. This shave soap has skin protecting orange, Lime, Eucalyptus & CedarWood plus Rhassoul Clay. The #16 shave soap also contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory citrus oils such as Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Grapefruit & Bergamout and Eucalyptus as well. The #16 shave soap also has some skin rejuvenating and stimulating oils of Patcholi, Cedar Wood, Clove, Sage, Frankynsense and Myrr. Morrocan Rhassoul clay for added slip and a soothing shave.

I also received the #15 shave soap that consisted of different ingredients but offered the same great and comfortable shave. This shave soap had ingredients such as Cedar Wood for increased soothing, soothing Lavender and Comfrey infused oil. The #15 shave soap from Bogue MilkSoap also contained Bentonite clay which has benefits in helping to fight Acne, Psoriasis and eczema through pulling certain impurities from the skin and increasing healing for the skin. This Lavender scented shave soap will help you relax during your nightly shave.

The third selection of soap that came in my box of soaps from Bogue MilkSoap was selection #22 that’s in the category of moisturizing soaps. Selection #22 has a number of skin rejuvenating and healing oils such as Chamomile, Calendula, Wheat Germ, Pumpkin Seed and Castor Oil. As well as Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine and Lime. Selection #22 also has some other great essential oils such as Bergamot to help with scars, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang. All these great ingredients and essential oils in this shaving soap makes this soap a great selection for the night.

I decided that to unlock the full potential of the lathering capabilities of each of these soaps I would bloom each one for a great night of shaving. Each soap sample performed the same way when compared to lathering. After soaking each soap puck for a while in hot water I transferred the soapy hot water to a different container for later use. if I needed more water during the lathering phase I could add some of the hot soapy water to my lather for a more consistent and smooth mixture that adds more slickness to my nightly shave. It didn’t take long after I started rotating my shave brush on the bloomed soap puck to create a nice bowl of thick and robust lather that filled the bristles of my shave brush blooming them like a flower. The bloomed lather transferred effortlessly from my shave brush to my Dome and face with an explosion of fantastic lather that evenly coated the surface of my skin.

The head shave with the Bogue MilkSoap was pleasant and felt nice and smooth. The lather on my Dome felt warm and soothing. There was no irritation and my razor glided across my head without the fear of razor burn, cuts or nicks. The face shave felt just as good as the head shave did. I feel very fortunate to have tried the Bogue MilkSoap and I know you will to as soon as you try their soap products.

-Jon Wogoman-

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