Elegant Rose Boutique shave soap

A big shave from Elegant Rose


Sometimes one of your best shaves can come from a small soap. This was the case with a small business called Elegant Rose Boutique found on etsy.com. I found Elegant Rose Boutique while searching for shave soap with a great aroma. Sometimes I search for shave soap just to search and find a great product that provides an even better shave. After a couple of friendly emails talking about shaving soap and techniques for building a great lather my package of shave soap was sitting on my door step ready for my nightly shave.

Elegant Rose Boutique focuses on the art and technique of lathering. Melissa from Elegant Rose Boutique stressed the importance of following the time-honored tradition of lathering to unlock the full potential of Elegant Rose Boutiques shave soap. The secret to their shave soaps thick and rich lather is the lathering time it takes to produce the creamy lather. Two minutes is what it took to build a great lather. After two minutes my bowl was filled with a respectable lather that had a great cushion and an even better slickness.

The lather was thick and creamy and clung to the bristles of my shave brush and spread evenly to my Dome and face with a smooth application of robust lather. The cushion provided a slickness that helped my razor glide across my Dome and face with ease leaving my skin feeling smooth and comfortable after every shave. I had two samples, Peppermint Eucalyptus and Spiced Woods. Both samples performed the same in abundance and quality of lather. The cushion and slickness were both equal in quality as well. The only difference was the fragrance each soap had. The aroma was pleasant with each sample and was not overwhelming. I was very pleased with both samples of shave soap from Elegant Rose Boutique and look forward to future shaves with the same shave soap.

-Jon Wogoman-

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(5.) elegantroseboutique.com

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