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There are literally thousands of selections of shave soap and shave creams that you can pick from in today’s market of shaving products. It’s always important that you know what you are putting on your face and Dome for shaving all of that unwanted hair off and keeping it off. I think one of the more important questions to ask yourself is, does it matter what chemicals or ingredients are in your shaving products you use for shaving? Does it matter to you what you put on your skin? Once you answer that question then you can define your search even more by deciding organic or just all natural ingredients, Tallow or Vegan. The choices can be overwhelming sometimes. The hunt for the perfect shave soap can feel like an endless search. Let me make this easy on you, there is not one perfect shave soap for everyone. There I said it, and, I mean it, what might be considered perfect for one shaver might not be perfect for the next. That’s why there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your next greatest shave soap or cream. Everybody has their own version of what they consider to be perfect. I decided it was time to look for my next big adventure with shave soap and I found it quickly on a very popular social media platform. I found Fuzzy Face Soaps after doing a search for shave soap found in a tin. I was redirected to Fuzzy Face Soaps website on Etsy.com. There I found multiple choices of shave soaps to choose from. I contacted the owner James and we talked about shave soaps. James is a friendly guy with great customer service. You can’t go wrong with Fuzzy Face Soaps, and after you try his shave soaps for yourself I’m sure you will also agree .

Fuzzy Face Soaps has several ingredients that add value to your nightly shave and also to the overall health of the skin on your dome and face. Fuzzy Face Soaps contain several ingredients such as Glycerin, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Safflower oil, Vitamin E with Oat and Wheat protein. These all natural ingredients hydrate and keep your skin hydrated while building a deep natural barrier protecting your skins natural water content adding suppleness to your skin decreasing the risk for razor burn, cuts and scrapes. These natural ingredients also promote healing of the skin from acne, Psoriasis, bug bites and stings, burns and cuts, dry flaky skin and inflammatory conditions as well. The Fuzzy Face soaps also contain Bentonite clay. Bentonite clay for any one that doesn’t know is a clay that has a unique ability of drawing toxins out of the body when the clay is hydrated. It’s electrifying I guess you could say! When Bentonite clay is hydrated with fluids its electrical components change giving the clay the ability to help remove toxins, heavy metals and chemicals out of your body. Bentonite clay also can help with oily skin since it can suck up all the extra sebum in your skin turning your oily scalp into a dry scalp. With all these great all natural ingredients packed into the fuzzy Face soaps how could you go wrong? It’s a great shave from start to finish whenever you shave with Fuzzy Face soaps.

The Fuzzy Face Soap comes in a 3.0-3.5 tin with a lid fits nice and tight protecting your shave soap from the elements. When you take the lid off of the tin for the first time you will notice that the soap itself is nice and level. The tin is filled three-quarters of the way full leaving a nice lip to contain lather if you don’t want to use a shave bowl. The other option is building a nice pre-lather and transferring it into your shave bowl. I like using a shave bowl, I can continue to work my pre-lather into a shave ready lather with a little more water and more rotations of my brush. The lip of the shave tin also serves as an aid for transferring thicker lather. If your pre-lather is thicker than normal it can be difficult transferring it into your bowl. The lip of the tin can serve as an edge you can run the bristles of your brush across forcing the lather into the bowl. I really like the tin this soap comes in, it makes all the prep work easier.

It didn’t take long to start a decent pre-lather. A couple of rotations of my hard bristled badger hair shave brush and the lather began to form in a nice pre-lather state. I transferred it to my extra-large shave bowl and continued the rotations. The Fuzzy Face Soaps are not what you call thirsty soaps however if you have too much pre-lather you will need to add more water. If you neglect to add more water your lather will be to thick and it wont spread evenly across the area you intend to shave. If you add too much water then your lather will be more watered down and your lather might lose its slickness. Consistency is key when it comes to lather. Creating and building the perfect lather is something that takes time and practice. Knowing your soaps and creams are important when learning how to build a perfect lather for a perfect shave.

The lather was rich and thick, it clung to the bristles of my brush and applied evenly across my Dome and face. The robust lather had a nice consistency that also included a better than average slickness for my DE razor to glide across my dome and face with little effort. The increased slickness provided by the lather created a very comfortable and relaxing shave for both my Dome and face. I kept the lather warm throughout the whole shave which added more value to the shave. The warm lather resting on my Dome and face had a calming effect that was perfect for my nightly shave at the end of the day. I picked the BarberShop and Cherry Pipe Tobacco scented soap and each aroma was truly fantastic. Other than the aroma each soap performed in the same fashion. There was no difference in lathering capabilities or performance. The aroma of each soap was faint but pleasant. Perfect for the shaver that doesn’t want a soap to have a strong lingering effect. I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the Fuzzy Face Soaps and I know you would be too once you try it.

So what are my final thoughts of the Barbershop and Cherry Pipe Tobacco scented shave soap from Fuzzy Face Soaps? A quality shave that will leave you wanting your fuzzy face to be fuzzy less. The is a shave soap that takes little product to create a rich and thick lather that feels smooth and comfortable every time you shave with it. The all natural ingredients found in each tin of Fuzzy Face shave soap adds value to the skin on your Dome and face as well as to your daily shave. The all natural ingredients adds and preserves the natural hydration found deep within your skin and the ingredients also help battle skin problems ranging from cuts and nicks to eczema and Psoriasis.

The Bentonite clay found in this shave soap helps with many skin problems including drying up oily patches on the Dome and face. You can’t go wrong shaving with the Fuzzy Face Soaps you can only add fantastic to each shave. The Fuzzy Face Soaps definitely have earned a spot in my over flowing shave den of shaving products.

-Jon Wogoman-

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