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Horror Movie Soaps That Smell Great!


I’m a big horror movie fan. From the B rated low-budget movies to the mainstream Hollywood block busters I love them all. My all-time favorite horror movies are ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! So when I came across Humphreys Hand Made Soaps and saw the horror movie based shave soaps I just had to try them. I found HumPhreys Hand Made Soaps on you can also find HumPhreys on their website they make several different items that you may want to try. I chose the 5 men’s soap sampler with an extra soap puck that was larger than the sample size. Once you try Humphreys HandMade Soaps I’m sure you will go straight from sample puck to full size, or, better yet just buy the full size because I know you are going to love their soaps.
I knew right away I wanted to try the horror based sample soaps from Humphreys HandMade Soap because of the spirit of Halloween that is quickly nearing. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love to watch all the kids dressed up and having a good time. Even though I may not agree with the selection of costume chosen by the parent, the spirit of Halloween lives on in the children’s eyes when they are out having a good time. I also like to walk around in the stores during the Halloween season and just look at costumes. My all time favorite part of Halloween is all the scary movies that play on local channels and on cable. I think that’s one of my favorite aspects of the Halloween season. When I saw the horror movie based soaps from Humphreys HandMade Soaps all the feelings of a kid on Halloween came back to me. The memories I have of me and my two brothers trick or treating as kids flooded my mind and made me smile. I knew right away I was going to like Humphreys HandMade Soaps.
When in saw Zombie Farts as one of the selections of Humphreys HandMade Soaps I knew right away that would be my first shave for the night. Zombie Farts is an all natural Glycerin based soap with other added ingredients such as argon oil, Calendula extract, Sunflower extract, Aloe leaf extract and fragrance. Glycerin is one of the main ingredients in the Humphreys HandMade Soaps and has many benefits for shaving and skin care. Glycerin is a thick colorless and odorless liquid that’s safe and non-toxic. Glycerin is found in a majority of soaps for its properties that helps with retaining water in the skin, and its ability for moisturizing. Glycerin also adds slickness to soap helping to prevent things such as razor burn, cuts and nicks.

Some of the other great qualities Glycerin possesses are, it can be used as a cleanser and toner, moisturizer, cures oily skin problems such as pimples, acne and blackheads, sunscreen and adds suppleness to the skin on your face and Dome and the rest of your body. The list goes on and on, these were just a few examples of benefits to the skin that Glycerin provides. Why would you not want a soap that has Glycerin as one of the main ingredients right? The Zombie Farts Glycerin based soap didn’t take long to produce a good lather. I soaked the soap puck in hot water for 15 minutes to soften it up. I actually soaked it while I was taking a shower so it would be ready when I shaved. after about 15 minutes the Zombie Farts soap puck from Humphreys Handmade Soaps was nice and soft producing a great pre-lather that only took seconds to turn into a thick and creamy lather that was both rich and robust. A perfect combination for a great shave. The lather was not heavy but thick enough to apply a generous amount to my Dome and face. The application of lather was smooth and comfortable with a great cushion and slickness for a fantastic shave.

The head shave was just as smooth and comfortable as my face shave. The skin on your Dome is not the same as the skin on your face. However the skin on your Dome can be just as sensitive if not more than the skin on your face. A head shave has a lot of different angles all together and you have a lot of blind spots as well. It’s just as easy to get razor burn, cuts and scrapes on your head as it is your face. In a lot of ways head shaving is just the same as face shaving, there’s just more real estate to cover. Humphreys HandMade Soaps are a fantastic head shave as well as face shave. It’s just a fantastic shave all the way around.

I received 5 other sample shave pucks with my Zombie Farts shave soap puck from Humphreys HandMade Soaps. Kracken, Ronin, RedRum, BigFoot and BoomStick all performed in the same manner as Zombie Farts when compared with lather, cushion and slickness. The only difference between all 5 soap puck samples is the aroma each one presented during each shave. The Kraken has a floral scent of citrus notes/Rosemary Spiciness/Jasmine/Wood and Ocean breezes. Ronin has the aroma of Japanese Hinoki Wood. Redrum has a fresh essence of bay leaves with orange peel and zest. Bigfoot has a great Oakmoss and Sandalwood scent and Boomstick’s scent is a mixture of Bergamont, Mandarin/Fresh Mint and Clary Sage/Musk/Wood and Tonka Bean. All of the soap pucks from Humphreys Handmade Soaps are Glycerin based and have a lot of other amazing properties that help with many skin problems.

Dry damaged skin, promotes fast healing and regeneration of skin, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, promotes healing of wounds, burns, eczema as well as other inflammatory skin conditions, acne, razor bumps and burns, skin toner, rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, general redness and irritation of the skin, producing suppleness by restoring dry and damaged skin through moisturizing benefits, helps remove wrinkles, A large resource of the nutrient vitamin E needed for providing healthy skin, sunburn, itchy skin, anti-aging and healing agent. Along with the great properties and qualities that glycerin adds to this list the question is, why would you not want to shave with Humphreys Handmade Soaps?

So what are my final thoughts on Humphreys Handmade Soaps? A great shave with a lot of slickness. Humphreys Handmade Soaps adds quality and value to each shave day after day. This Glycerin based shave soap has a great cushion and slickness for your Dome and face. Each soap puck from Humphreys Handmade soap provides a smooth and comfortable shave that leaves your Dome and face shiny every time. I’m very excited to say that Humphreys Handmade Soaps have a permanent residence in my shave den.

-Jon Wogoman-

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