K Shave Worx

A great soap with a creamy lather



I like online shave shops. Even though a good percentage of them sells the same shaving product, each one carries items that the other one doesn’t. I could search through online shave shops for hours if I wanted to. Then there are the online shave shops that just sell their own product and that’s when things get interesting especially when the shop carries a good selection of their own product. KShaveWorx on ETSY.com is one of those online shave shops that carry their own brand of shave soaps and aftershave. KShaveWorx also carries make up and shave brushes as well. Both the makeup and shave brush handles are acrylic, hand poured and turned. KShaveWorx has several different shave soaps and aftershaves to choose from. I haven’t had a chance to try their after shave yet, but I have tried some of their shave soap and It’s fantastic. I’m sure once you try the shave soap from KShaveWorx on ETSY.com you will feel the same way.

I had the chance to try two different fragrances of shave soap from KShaveWorx. Midnight Cherry Bomb and Grapelicious were the two soaps that I tried and I have to tell you if these two soaps were edible I would have eaten them as well. The aroma of each soap was amazing and every time I smelled the soap inside of its container my nose kept getting closer and closer. I really did contemplate on tasting it but finally in the end decided against it. I’m sure the taste would not match the smell. The Grapelicious reminds me of the grape Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. The aroma is strong and very pleasant. The Midnight Cherry Bomb also has a very strong and pleasant cherry aroma. The fragrance with the Midnight Cherry Bomb is very sharp in the container but the aroma is much smoother. What I like most about the aroma of these two shave soaps is that the fragrance doesn’t have the chemical smell Sometimes found in a shave soap. The chemical smell takes away from the aroma. Both the Grapelicious and Midnight Cherry Bomb have a very natural aroma that keeps you wanting to shave or sniff each soap every night. Either way you win.

The Grapelicious and Midnight Cherry Bomb both contain some of the same These natural ingredients have a lot of positive benefits for the skin such as Hydration, Moisturizing and cooling effects, helping to protect the skin from eczema, psoriasis and acne. These natural ingredients also help fight bug bites and stings as well as sun burns, scrapes and scratches, blemishes and dark spots. These natural ingredients have so many skin benefits why would you not want to shave with the shave soap from on an every day basis. There was no difference in functionality and lathering capabilities between the two shave soaps from KShaveWorx.

The head shave with the shave soaps from KShaveWorx was a good experience. I pressed a small amount of shave soap into the bottom of my shave bowl and performed a two-minute lather adding a certain amount of water along the way. The amount of water you add is to your preference of what consistency you would like your lather to be. After the two-minute lather was over, my shave bowl was full of a creamy and thick lather that was both robust and soothing to the skin. I dipped my hard bristled shave brush into my shave bowl and the robust lather filled and bloomed the bristles of my shave brush like an open flower. The soft yet thick lather transferred from the bowl to my skin and applied evenly across my Dome and face. The lather had an increased slickness that aided my razor in gliding across the surface of my skin shaving away all the unwanted hair with nice fluid strokes. The face shave was just as pleasant as the head shave and had the same results.

I use several different angles and pressures during each head shave to get the desired baby butt smooth feeling (BBS) each time. With shaving both the sides and the back of my head at some point I drag instead of pull my razor across my skin. Dragging your razor instead of pulling requires a different angle and amount of pressure all together to stop and prevent extra cuts and knicks as well as excessive razor burn. The increased slickness found in the lather from KShaveWorx shave soaps helps keep each head and face shave as smooth as the last. I really enjoyed each shave from KShaveWorx and plan on using their product even more.

What are my final thoughts on the Grapelicious and Midnight Cherry Bomb shave soap from KShaveWorx? An excellent shave from start to finish. There is no difference in function, lathering capabilities and ingredients between the Grapelicious and Midnight Cherry Bomb shave soap from KShaveWorx. The two soaps can produce and provide the same robust lather inside your shave bowl that feels both smooth and creamy while being applied to your Dome and face for a great night of shaving. The aroma from the KShaveWorx shave soaps is both strong yet very pleasing without the chemical smell that you sometimes find with certain shaving products. Some of the natural ingredients found in the KShaveWorx shave soap such as Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter and Glycerin have many benefits for your skin and if used on a daily basis will add value to your shaving and skin care regimen and routine. I feel fortunate to add the KShaveWorx shave soap to my list of shaving products that I will use again.

-Jon Wogoman-

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