The DreadNought Spartan Safety Razor

The Spartan Safety Razor


What do you look for when you are acquiring a new safety razor? Do you ask yourself questions before you start looking or do you just look around until you see one you like? Are you specific with your searches regarding blade gap, how many grams the razor weights or what kind of knurling the handle of the razor has? When you finally find the razor you want to, do you read reviews submitted by other shavers to see if you will like it or not? One question leads to another and before you know it your writing them down so you can remember them. In the beginning when I first started practicing the art of wet shaving I did the same thing. It got to be very tiring and turned into a lot of extra work. After practicing a lot and gaining some experience this is the conclusion I’ve reached about what questions to ask. Don’t ask as many and it wont become so overwhelming.

I’ve gotten to the point to were when I do find a safety razor that I want I briefly look at a couple of reviews to see if there is anything bad the reviewer has found with the razor. If I don’t read anything seriously devastating to make me change my mind then I let my own judgment do the talking. Finding new safety razors has become less work and more fun that way. When I first started wet shaving I was directed to the website by a friend and I saw the “Spartan” safety razor and I knew from the very beginning that this was a safety razor that I wanted to try. DreadNought manufactures all of their products in Great Britain with pride for men of the U.S.A and Canada. DreadNought believes in tradition of craftsmanship through cutting edge technology meeting and exceeding the grooming needs of modern man. I recently had a chance to review their “Spartan” safety razor and it’s obviously clear that once you try this razor for yourself you’ll find that their tradition of craftsmanship lives on in their products.


Waiting for safety razors in the mail is always a fun time for me. I love the anticipation of opening the box it came shipped in. In my own opinion not every safety razor is the same. Some have longer handles, are heavier in weight, have a deep knurling on the handle, some have no knurling at all and some are more aggressive than others as well. Some safety razors have a well that runs on the bottom of the razor head and some razor heads are beveled. All safety razors are made differently and some require more angle or pressure than others to get that great shave you’re looking for every time. I found Dreadnought-Shaving in the very beginning when I first started wet shaving and I knew that I wanted to try their Spartan safety razor but wasn’t sure when that would be. I finally got the chance I’ve been waiting for and after the first shave I knew I found a great razor to add to my growing collection of safety razors.

The Spartan safety razor weights in at 67g and is 9.5 cm in length. The razor itself is very shiny and sleek looking. From top to bottom it shines with a smooth finish. A lot of safety razors have a knurling on the handle to help with gripping but not the Spartan razor. The handle is free of any kind of knurling but don’t write it off for a razor that slips out of your hands easily. The Spartan razor even with the smooth and sleek handle has a fantastic grip. Even when wet this razor stays in the palm of your hand. This weighted razor in addition to the lengthy handle is well balanced and provides precision maneuverability around the spots that are harder to shave. My two hardest spots to shave are my jaw line and around my ears.

I always seem to either cut myself or cause irritation. The Spartan razor made it easy to shave these areas without either of the two. The well balanced handle felt very comfortable in the palm of my hand. Each stroke of the Spartan razor was fluid and smooth. It took two passes with a couple of touch ups shaving with the grain (WTG) and against the grain (ATG) on my head to achieve the baby butt smooth (BBS) feel I love so much. The face shave was just as smooth as the head shave was. Two passes and some small touch ups is what it took for the same level of smoothness on my face compared to my head. The Spartan razor from Dreadnought-Shaving was a great shave and I look forward to using it more often.

The Spartan razor is a closed comb razor meaning there is a safety bar that runs across the bottom of the razor head on both sides. The blade gap on the razor head falls in the medium aggressive range making this a perfect razor for a beginner or an experienced wet shaver and all of the others in between. This is a three piece standard razor. The razor head screws/unscrews from the handle and separates into two pieces for easy cleaning and blade removal. Since the handle of this razor lacks knurling and has a smooth surface the cleaning of this razor is simple and easy. It’s practically small maintenance compared to some other safety razors. The Spartan safety razor fits all of your standard double edge blades so you can always use your favorite blade every time you shave.

I also received a pack of ten Dreadnought double edge razor blades for my week of shaving with the Spartan razor. The Dreadnought branded DE blades felt great on the skin. This medium aggressive blade is very hearty. I got 5-6 days worth of shaving both my head and face out of one blade. After day 6 it was time to change the blade. Depending on how many times you shave will depend on how long one blade will last for you. Overall my experience with the Spartan safety razor and Dreadnought branded DE blades was a good one. I feel very fortunate to have the Spartan razor and Dreadnought DE blades in my shaving cabinet along with my other shaving products and you will too after you try this combination for yourself!


What are my final thoughts on the Spartan safety razor and Dreadnought branded DE blades from Dreadnought-Shaving.Com? A great shave for a beginning to seasoned wet shaver and all the others in between. The Spartan safety razor weights in at 67g and is 9.5 cm in length making this razor well balanced and perfect for maneuvering around those hard to shave areas with precision shaving. The Spartan razor is shiny and has no knurling on the handle but still has a no slip grip even after the Spartan razor get saturated with water it still stays in the palm of your hands like a true champion. The head of the Spartan razor is medium aggressive for a great shave that only took two passes and some touch ups to achieve the baby butt smooth end feel I’m always looking to achieve. The Dreadnought branded DE blades are a fine blade of medium aggressiveness that are hearty at the core and last for 5-6 shaves. I’m a big fan of all that is DreadNought and look forward to using their products more.

-Jon Wogoman-

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