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A fantastic shave from a fantastic soap!


I’ve come to love smaller artisan shops for several reasons. Smaller artisan shops are very friendly and go out of their way to please their customers. Smaller artisan shops make their shaving products in small batches to ensure quality every time compared to a large soap manufacturer who buys all of their ingredients or chemicals in large batches and makes their product in more of a controlled environment. You are likely to find more all natural ingredients in artisan soaps compared to big soap manufacturers since artisans makes smaller batches at a time to control the quality of their product. Artisan soaps are likely to have more of a unique scent since a lot of the fragrance is from essential oils. I’ve used both artisan soaps and big soap company brands and I’m definitely leaning toward the artisan side. Artisan soaps are better for your skin and the environment.

I found Bull and Bell on a popular social media platform and decided that I wanted to try their product. Bull and Bell is a newer company of 2015 with origins that start in Hampton, New Hampshire. All of their research, design, testing and formulation takes place at their New Hampshire headquarters. After trying the Bull and Bell Amber Sandalwood shaving soap I can honestly say that premium and quality are two words that go hand in hand with their products. A quality product is a premium product and Bull and Bell makes a premium product that provides a quality shave.

I received a sample of the Amber Sandalwood shaving soap that came in a 4oz tin. The lid to this tin screwed on and off instead of sliding on and off. I like the lids that screw on and off because they are more air tight. The tin filled with this shave soap felt very substantial while holding it in your hands. The round labeling on the top of the tin has a white background with black lettering making it very easy to read. The labeling is company branded with a picture of a bull with a bell around its neck. Underneath the bull is a list of the ingredients found in the soap. All the information you need to find is right there on the label spread out in a nice fashion and not cramped like some labeling I’ve seen in the past. A nice durable tin with strategic labeling says Bull and Bell has put some thought into their packaging. It’s not flashy but yet it doesn’t have to be. Simplicity is bliss and when you have a product that has great packaging you just have to try it right?

The Amber Sandalwood shave soap is a softer shave soap compared to some others that are more dense in consistency. What I like about the softer shave soap is that it doesn’t take long to build a shave ready lather. As soon as I started to rotate my hard bristled shave brush on top of the soap a pre-lather started to form that quickly changed from thin to thick in a very short time frame. As I’m rotating my shave brush turning the thin pre-lather into a thick pre-lather I started to transfer the workable lather to my shave bowl for the final preparation. Once in my shave bowl I added more warm water to the pre-lather and worked it into a shave ready consistency in under two minutes. The lather was thick and creamy with a robust texture that transferred from my bowl to my Dome and face with ease. The lather spread across my skin evenly and provided a smooth shave. The post shave feel was slick and luxurious leaving my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. The Amber Sandalwood scent of this shave soap released an aroma that was very faint but still pleasing. The aroma lasted well into the night but was not overpowering. I think the Sandalwood scent is very relaxing. I was impressed by the functionality and outcome of the Amber Sandalwood shaving soap from Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co.

It was no surprise that the Bull and Bell shave soap filled my shave bowl with a soft and creamy lather after reading some of the main ingredients found in this soap. Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Cherry Kernel Oil have many benefits for your skin such as a natural skin softner, exfoliant, helps with healing dry and cracked skin, helps with fighting Acne, Psoriasis and eczema, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps protect the skin against UV rays, contains anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties, helps heal frostbite, sunburn, insect bites, rashes and stretch marks. Glycerin is also one of the other ingredients found in the Amber Sandalwood shave soap that has many benefits for your skin such as a natural skin toner, a moisturizer. Glycerin helps retain water in the skin, helps cure pimples and blackheads, helps remove clogged pores in the skin and lighten dark circles under your eyes, helps keep your skin felling supple, soft and rejuvenated. Tussah Silk is an ingredient also found along the list of ingredients that gives this soap more shine, more lather and last but not least a soft silky feeling. Tussah Silk is also cruelty free meaning the silk fibers are collected from the cocoons after the silk worms have emerged. No harm done to the silk worm. So many great ingredients with good skin care qualities why would you not want to try the shave soap from Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co.

What are my final thoughts on the Amber Sandalwood shaving soap from Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co? A premium soap and a quality shave. I think the Bull and Bell shave soap is fantastic. The lather it produces is both abundant and smooth with a robust texture that decreases the risk of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The Tussah Silk ingredient makes sure this soap has more shine, more lather and a soft silky feeling. The Glycerin which is another ingredient of this soap locks the moisture in the skin giving it an increased suppleness. The head shave was pleasurable and smooth and the face shave matched the head shave in every aspect. I can honestly say that in my opinion the daily use of Bull and Bell Premium shave soap would add value to your daily shave routine and increase the benefits of your daily skin care regimen. I think that the Bull and Bell Premium shave soaps will be a contender at the wet shaving table in the near future, but don’t just take my word for it, try it for your self and see why Bull and Bell takes their premium shave soap and turns it into a quality shave for you every time.

-Jon Wogoman-

You can find Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co. on these other social media platforms

(1.) Twitter
(2.) Instagram
(3.) BullandBell.com

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