Cremo Cream Cooling Shave Cream with All-In-One face lotion with SPF 20

Get cooled with cremo cream and protect your

skin from the sun!


It’s always exciting to me when companies put out new products. Especially shaving products from a company that you know and love. When a company that makes products that you like develops new products you have to wonder and ask yourself, will these products be better than their other products? or you may ask, what value will these new products bring to the shaving table. Those might be the questions you asked yourself when Cremo Cream released their new concentrated Cooling shave Crème and All-In-One unscented face lotion that contains SPF 20. The Cremo Cream company is expanding their product list once again with some fantastic products. Their list is not very big but what they have to offer is above fantastic to begin with. Cremo Cream also doesn’t believe in just filling their website with a bunch of products that are just satisfactory. The fine folks over at Cremo Cream focus on making the products they do offer super exceed what the customer might want or expect already from Cremo Cream. Cremo Cream is a company that has been around for a while now and I’ve used their products for some time. I think their products are great and if you have never had the chance to try them you are in luck because you can buy the Cremo Cream products in many retail stores now for a very reasonable price. Cremo Cream really focuses on the consumer getting a great product that performs above average and gives a luxurious shave at a great price. Once you try Cremo Cream the one thing you will notice is the value that Cremo Cream has to offer each shave every time you use their products.

One of the attributes I like most of all with the Cremo Cream brand shave products is the concentration of the cream itself. The concentrated cream is dense and does not contain air to change the consistency. It only takes a small amount of product to shave both my Dome and face. I was hoping that the new Cooling Shave Cream followed suite with the original shaving cream and I was certainly excited to find out that the new shaving cream did just that. The new Cooling Shave Cream has the same consistency in texture and thickness as the other Cremo Cream shave cream. The difference between the original shave cream and the new Cooling Shave Cream is that the new Cooling Shave Cream provides an even slicker shaving surface with the more water that’s added. The original shaving cream offers a fantastic slickness every shave and the new Cooling shaving cream offers an even slicker shaving experience.

The secret to Cremo Creams fantastically slick Cooling shave cream is the unique molecules found within the concentrated formula that when mixed with water becomes extra slick and provides your razor with a slickened surface for shaving without risk of razor burn, cuts or nicks. Like I stated above it only took a small amount equivalent to a dime size to cover my Dome and face with this Cooling Shave Cream. I massaged it into my skin and added water. The shaving cream produced no lather but instead produced an overabundance of slickness that allowed my razor to effortlessly glide over my Dome and face. The shave was smooth and comfortable leaving a great post shave feel with a Cooling effect that lasted well after my nightly shave was done.

After my nightly shave with the Cremo Cooling Shave Cream was over I ended my nightly routine with the Cremo All-In-One Face Lotion with SPF 20. The Cremo Cream moisturizer has a thin consistency soaking into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue. The Cremo Cream All-In-One moisturizer also contains SPF 20 that protects your skin from harmful damage from the sun while keeping your skin moisturized at the same time. Combining a moisturizer with SPF is a great idea. It kills two birds with one stone. keeping your skin moisturized and soft while protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun. Now every time I use the Cremo Cream All-In-One moisturizer after my nightly shave I’m also protecting my skin from the elements while I’m out and about.

So what do I think about the Cremo Cream Cooling Shave Cream and the All-In-One Face Lotion with SPF 20? I think there fantastic products that make a perfect addition to the Cremo Cream family. The new Cooling Shave Cream is latherless but provides a slickness that’s so fantastically slick your razor will glide across your skin without worry of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The All-In-One moisturizer with SPF 20 keeps your skin soft and smooth while also protecting your skin from the suns damaging rays. The Cremo Cream shaving products add value to your shave every time and I look forward to them taking up space in my shaving cabinet.

-Jon Wogoman-

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