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We as consumers spend so much money every year buying products. Lets face it, we like to buy stuff and spend lots of money on stuff. We are also creatures of habit and stay within our comfort zone. Every now and then we breach that comfort zone and sometimes discover that there are other great products to buy. We broaden our horizon this way and quickly realize that we could be missing out on trying other great products as well. I think we tend to like a product because we get use to using it every day. My question for you is, do you like your shaving product because it fits your needs or do you like your shaving products because they super exceed your expectations on what you want your shaving products to do. Wanting the very best out of your shaving products is not too much to ask for, It’s what consumers like you and me want and ask for.

I think a lot of times we buy a product because it fits our budget and lifestyle and we don’t get to know the brand at all. Buying a product from a brand that I can put my faith and trust in is where my money will go every time. Green Country Razors is one of those brands that I put my faith and trust in. Green Country Razors is a brand that I can really stand behind and support. I’ve reviewed several of their razors which you find here TheDEsafetyRazorProject.Com each one of their razors provided a strong and comfortable shave so when I was given the chance to try the Citrus Blast Shaving Soap I couldn’t turn them down. I’ve had several interactions with Green Country Razors before and every time has been great. Fast and friendly customer service the folks over at GCR are great people to talk to and they know how to treat their customers right. I had no doubt in my mind that the Citrus Blast Shave Soap would be a great product to use for my nightly shave routine.

The Green Country Razors Citrus Blast shave soap comes in a 3 oz. aluminum tin with a lid that screws on and off. The tin is full of precious soap but rest assured Green Country Razors has got the wet shaver in mind when it comes to were to hold all that lather once its made. Even though the tin is full of soap there is enough space left to build your shave ready lather and keep it there until your ready to use it. The other option is building your lather in your shave bowl. With a couple of rotations of my hard bristled shave brush it didn’t take long to build a lighter pre-lather and then transfer it to my shave bowl to continue building it into a shave ready lather. My bowl was filled from the bottom to the top with a thick and creamy, robust lather that clung to the bristles of my shave brush and applied evenly across my Dome and face.

The thick and creamy lather had a good cushion with a lot of slickness that aided my razor in gliding across the surface of the skin on my Dome and face. The increased slickness and cushion helped prevent razor burn, cuts and/or nicks that can be a common problem with shaving. After my shave was completed and I was rinsing my Dome and face off with warm water the slickness that was present during my shave seemed to increase with water. The increased slickness on my skin was a great post shave feel. The post shave slickness felt amazing. The moisturizing effect was equally good leaving my Dome and face feeling supple and smooth. My nightly shave with the Citrus Blast shave soap from GCR was comforting and pleasurable, the scent of the Citrus Blast was equally pleasurable as well.

I love the smell of citrus shave soap, but what I don’t like is when the scent is to over powering. You can’t judge the strength of the scent with a new shave soap right away. The first time you take the lid off of your tin of shave soap the aroma will be very strong. I like to air mine out first for a little while before shaving. I judge the strength of the scent and aroma while I’m shaving and after my shave is completed. The scent of the Citrus Blast shave soap from GCR was just the right strength. The aroma was strong, lasting well into the night after my nightly shave was over, but not over powering to me or my loved ones around me.

It’s not surprising that the experience with the Citrus Blast shave soap from GCR was a good one when it contains a lot of natural ingredients. Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Kaolin Clay, Glycerin, Shea Butter and good old Vitamin E are a majority of the ingredients found in the Citrus Blast shave soap that have many qualities for your skin such as helping to heal skin rashes, skin peeling after tanning, sunburn, scars, skin abrasions, stretch marks, frost bites, burns, insect bites and stings. These natural ingredients also soften skin, Act as a natural exfoliator, Helps treat Eczema, psoriasis and acne, Can help slow down and stop inflammation, Helps to sooth dry and irritated skin, Helps retain moisture and water in the skin, Has anti-bacterial qualities, Naturally tones the skin fighting the signs of aging. My overall experience with the Citrus Blast shave soap from GCR was a good experience and one that I would love to have again in the future.

So what are my final thoughts on the Citrus Blast Shave soap from Green Country Razors? A blast for your face and for your skin care regimen. The Citrus Blast shave soap provides a thick and rich lather that is both creamy and robust. You can either build your lather in the same tin it came packaged in or build your lather in a shave bowl where the extra room really allows you to create in abundance a lather that’s smooth and comfortable. With a nice cushion and overabundance of slickness. My razor glided across the skin of my Dome and face with a gentle glide and fluid strokes without irritation and razor burn. The aroma of the Citrus Blast shave soap is light but strong and has a great citrus scent. If you have not tried the Citrus Blast shave soap from Green Country Razors I suggest you do so. You and your skin will be happy you did.

-Jon Wogoman-

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