Wood and Badger shave brush

Todd Darling Handcrafted Brushes   A shave brush is an important piece of equipment in wet shaving. Shave brushes build lather and help apply the shave lather to your dome and face. Shave brushes also help exfoliate the skin while applying lather to your skin. There are many shave brushes to choose from along with many aspects of the shave brush itself. From the handle … Continue reading Wood and Badger shave brush

Barbedeaux Aftershave

Razor Bump Therapy! Lets talk about shaving products, more specifically about certain products that can play a pivotal role in your shaving routine and daily skin care regimen. Should you have a good daily skin care routine? Absolutely, because shaving is traumatic to your skin in many ways causing increased irritation from dehydration and dry skin. Anytime you run a razor across your skin it’s … Continue reading Barbedeaux Aftershave