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I love putting together shave routines. I like deciding what products to use and seeing which ones work well together. I also like shave kits and the idea behind buying shave kits. You buy a group of shaving products for one price and use them together, or, you break the kit down and mix the products in with your other products. The big selling point of a shave kit is that you get the whole shebang for a lower cost than you would by buying each product separately. There are many websites now that sell shave kits along with products sold separately. Some websites are specifically brand sold meaning they only sell their brand of shaving kits or shaving products. Then there are websites that sell shaving products from different brands. These are the websites that you can find anything you need from multiple brands. Last but not least there are websites that sell shaving products from different brands and then they also carry their own brand of shaving products and kits as well.

The last website I described is exactly the kind of site that RoyalShave.Com is. They carry different shaving products from different brands ranging from creams, soaps, bowls, brushes along with safety razors and straight razors. They even carry accessories galore to fit a lot of your shaving needs. Royal Shave also carries their own brand of shaving equipment and accessories as well. Anything you want you can find on RoyalShave.Com and believe me they carry a lot. I found RoyalShave.Com through social media and visited their site. I like the way they have their site set up. It’s very easy to navigate and they do carry a lot of product. You could spend a lot of time on their website without getting bored. I decided to contact them and they answered right away in a timely and friendly manner. Their customer service is exceptional. Any questions I had before and after my package arrived were quickly answered in a professional matter. I know there are a lot of websites you can visit to purchase shaving gear but I urge you to check out they sell quality shaving products from brands you will recognize. It’s definitely worth your time.

I received in the mail a package containing shaving items branded with the Royal Shave logo. When first opening the box the items came in at first glance you could see that the products were of higher quality which says a lot about their company. They are not just selling products, they are selling quality products that will last a long time adding value to your shave every time. When I use shaving products of higher quality it makes me appreciate my shaving routine more. I take more time and enjoy the ritual rather than hurry through it just to get the job done. A slow shave is a good shave with less irritation which is always a good thing. I was excited and very eager to get started using these products to see how they performed in use. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. A product may look of higher quality but as soon as you use it you realize it’s not as it seems. That’s not the case with the shaving products from Royal Shave, it was quality all the way during each shave.

I received a safety razor and brush stand with a height of 5.9 inches. This stand has a sleek and polished chrome finish. The center mast has a nice knurling on it to keep it from slipping out of your hands while moving it. The brush opening is 29 mm so most of your brushes will fit with no problem. The razor opening is 13mm and will fit most of your standard safety razors. Some safety razors will even hang upside down depending on what kind of handle it has. The whole stand is tip resistant through a weighted base. I like this feature because I’m a little clumsy and have a bad habit of knocking over my stands if they are not weighted. The weighted base keeps the stand sitting in one place and stops it from moving when putting on or taking off your razor and brush. This makes the stand substantial and along with the sleek polished chrome finish it also makes this stand look classy. This stand accommodates most brushes unless you have one that has an oversized handle. I tried many different brushes and they all fit perfectly.

I also received the RoyalShave PB3 Silvertip Badger Hair shave brush made from black Acrylic high grade resin with a vase shaped ergonomic and easy to grip handle. The total height of this brush is 112mm. The handle height is 54mm. The bristle knot is 23mm. The bristles are very soft and dome shaped at the top to help build lather. I soaked this brush in warm water for 15 minutes to loosen and bloom the bristles like a flower. Once the bristles were ready I then started to work up a nice thick and creamy lather that loaded up the silvertip bristles and applied it to the skin of my dome and face. The silvertip badger hair bristles felt soft and smooth on my head and face. I rotated the bristles of this brush in a circular motion leaving behind a thick layer of lather ready to shave. The PB3 Silvertip Badger Hair shave brush is also very easy to keep clean. Simply rinse the bristles out and hang it up to dry.

The Royal Shave black ceramic shave bowl that came with this kit is on the smaller side but very functional and has plenty of room for building lather. The bowl is 2 inches tall with a diameter of 3.5 inches. The bottom of the bowl is honey combed for quick lathering. The honey combed nubs help create a thick and creamy shave ready lather through resistance and friction. The faster you rotate your brush the quick the it builds. If your accustomed to warm lather that’s also no problem. Since the bowl is ceramic you can submerge it in hot water and let the ceramic heat your lather up creating a warm and luxurious feeling on your skin. The trick to warm and functional lather depends on the consistency before it’s warmed. Keep it on the thicker side before warming it in a ceramic dish. The warm ceramic also creates moisture which can thin the consistency while you are shaving. Warm lather is fantastic and is a great addition to your shaving routine and ritual.

I’ve used a lot of Alum in my time. I like Alum especially for small cuts, a little bit of Alum on a small cut stops the bleeding right away. There is a little bit of a sting that goes along with that. If you use Alum on a small cut or scrape right away the bleeding will stop and also prevent inflammation and redness around the affected area. Royal Shave offers an Alum stick with a convenient cover. What I especially like about Royal Shaves Alum stick is that it has a holder on the end of it. This way you are not actually holding the Alum stick with your bare fingers. I like Alum because it doesn’t spoil and it lasts a long time. I was very impressed by the quality of shaving products that Royal Shave sent to me and I think you would be to if you tried them for yourself.

What are my final thoughts on the shaving products from RoyalShave.Com? A royal Shave from royal products all the way. The razor and brush stand has a sleek and polished chrome finish that gives this stand a definite shine. The center mast has a nice knurling to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. The bottom of the stand is weighted preventing it from tipping over during usage. The PB3 Silvertip Badger Hair shave brush is made out of a high resin Acrylic with a vase shaped handle for a better ergonomic grip. The silvertip bristles are dome shaped at the end to help build lather. The black ceramic bowl with the honey comb bottom will help create thick and creamy lather in a short period of time.The nubs on the bottom of the bowl helps increase friction and resistance that’s perfect for creating lather quickly. The Alum stick with its protective cover is perfect for treating those little tiny cuts and nicks caused from shaving. The Alum also helps prevent irritation and infection.

-Jon Wogoman-

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