WSP 6 Week Shave Project Introduction

WSP 6 week shaving project


WSP was founded in 2011 and has been making quality products ever since. From 2011 to now 2015 soon to be 2016 WSP is still hard at work producing quality products and all produced in-house. In house refers to the production of soaps and aftershave being produced and packaged by the employees. Lee the founder and owner of WSP creates all of the scents of his finely crafted soaps that fills the air of your bathroom with a pleasant and appealing aroma during every shave with WSP. Lee has also mastered the art of straight razor sharpening and has done so for the better part of 20 years or more. I’ve had several interactions with lee and I will tell you that he is a professional at what he does and a professional at being a human being as well. He has a lot of heart and he loves what he does.

It felt only natural that I do a 6 week shave project with WSP to find out what positive qualities daily shaving with WSP has to offer while also utilizing WSP’s aftershave as well as shave oil. I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks and noticing the changes with the skin on my face and head during the next 6 weeks. Watch for weekly summaries describing my past week of daily shaving with WSP products. Thank You!

-Jon Wogoman-





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