St. James of London 6 Week Shave Project Introduction

St. James of London


Welcome to the St.James of London 6 week shave project introduction. I’m looking forward to these next 6 weeks with St.James because of great products St.James of London makes and the fantastic shave their products provide. St. James of London was created by the world-renowned Creightons PLC in 1953. All of St. James of London products are 100% natural, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, and Sulfate-free and produced in the UK. St. James of London is definitely proud of their heritage and it shows through in their fantastic products.

I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks with St. James of London to really see what it’s really capable of. My past experiences with St. James of London has proved that they make an outstanding shaving product that provides a thick and creamy lather with a great slickness that gives you an outstanding shave for the night. St. James of London also sells a bowl less shaving cream. No bowl needed is what St. James of London claims and that claim holds true. I’m excited to see just how much time skipping the lathering time in a bowl saves me. St. James states just soak your brush and then squeeze the shaving cream into the bristles of your shave brush and begin to lather on the intended area to shave. These next six weeks with St. James of London will be exciting and full of lather! Thank you!

-Jon Wogoman-





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