St.James of London Week Two Summary

St. James of London


As the second week out of the six week shave project with St. James of London shave project comes to an end, I want to talk about something specific that I really like with the shave products from St. James of London. St. James of London offers a bowl less shaving cream that comes packaged in a soft squeezable tube that has a flip top cap on it. Turn the soft tube upside down and give it a little squeeze and out comes the cream with no problem. Since this shaving cream is a bowl less cream you may ask yourself, if there is no bowl were does it go after you squeeze it out of the tube? The answer is, you squeeze it right on to your shave brush.

I will admit I didn’t know what to think at first about wet shaving without a bowl full of lather. I’m a lather junkie! the more lather the better, as long as its smooth and creamy and provides a great slickness providing a comfortable shave. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and give the bowl less shaving cream from St. James of London a shot. I found out after the first time of using the bowl less shaving that I loved it. The lather even though not filling my shaving bowl was just as smooth and creamy. Here’s how it works.

First I always find it’s better to soak your brush before shaving. Soaking your brush softens your bristles and opens the bristles up like a flower making it easier to load the bristles of your brush with lather. After soaking your brush for 10-15 minutes in hot water, squeeze not pull the excess water out of your brush. Turn the brush upside down and squeeze the bowl less shaving cream into the bloomed bristles of your brush. from there you start rotating your brush on your face and Dome building a creamy lather as you go. Your brush might not look like there is much lather on it but believe me your brush will be bursting with lather for your whole shave and still in abundance after your nightly shave is over.

A little goes a long way with the bowl less shaving cream from St. James of London, less on your brush but more onyour face and Dome for a fantastic nightly shave. There is one thing I noticed, a little advice to you before you try the bowl less shaving cream. make sure the majority of water is squeezed out of the bristles of your shave brush before you put the lather filled brush side ways up to your face. If your brush is still full of water it will run down your face and all over you making a bigger mess once you initially start rotating your brush on your face.

I received three of the soft tubes of bowl less shaving cream. The Cedarwood & Clarysage, Black Pepper & Lime and the Lavender & Geranium scents produced a mild but pleasantly strong aroma that stayed with you well throughout the night. I also noticed that the clean up takes less time. There is no bowl to rinse out. All you have to do is rinse your shave brush out and your done for the night. Over all The bowl less shaving cream from St. James of London is a fantastic product that adds value to your shave every time. Try it once and I’m sure you will agree. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you!

-Jon Wogoman-

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