Beaver WoodWright week Four Summary


Beaver WoodWright


So lets talk about something I feel is really important. Lets talk about craftsmanship. Craftsmanship can mean different things to different people. Sometimes you see excellent craftsmanship and sometimes poor craftsmanship. Generally speaking if an individual loves what they do the fine craftsmanship can speak for it self. Sometimes it’s very easy to tell if a person likes what they do without them even saying a word. Beaver WoodWright is one of those brands that I consider an Artisan and I’m sure others do as well. What is an Artisan you ask? An Artisan soap maker is someone who makes a soap that performs above average. They turn soap making into an art form rather than just making soap. Beaver WoodWright is a brand that definitely makes shaving products that perform above average.

You can be a soap maker but not an artisan, just soap making alone does not make you an artisan. Earning the name artisan means your on the right track to making a product that more people consider to perform above average than other soaps. howeverr the term artisan can also be subjective. One soap made by an artisan that many shavers love and adore may not work well with the next shaver. What one shaver considers to be above average may be mediocre to the next. In the end it’s all about choices and opinions. One thing is for certain Beaver WoodWright is loved by many for the outstanding shaving experiences their products provide. Beaver WoodWright is a true artisan in my opinion and many others as well.

Beaver WoodWright handcrafts their shaving products in small batches to ensure the quality of their products stay above fantastic. They definitely raise the bar when it comes to quality shaving products. One of the many qualities that the Beaver WoodWright shaving products possesses is the post shave feel. The post shave feel leaves your skin feeling very smooth and slick. This is what I consider to be very exceptional and a game changer when I’m deciding what shaving product to use for my nightly shave. A great post shave feel is what every shaver is looking for in a product. A great post shave feel is also what keeps a shaver coming back for more day after day. The Coconut Oil and Glycerin found in the shave soaps from Beaver WoodWright contribute to this moisturizing post shave feel every time. The pre and post prep shaving products from Beaver WoodWright consisting of pre-shave oil and After-Shave splash and balm are also handcrafted in small batches always making quality top-notch every time. These last four weeks with the shaving products from Beaver WoodWright have once again proven to add value and quality to each shave.

-Jon Wogoman-



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