Beaver WoodWright Week Three Summary

Beaver WoodWright



The end of week three out of the six week shave project with Beaver WoodWright has pretty much been the same results as the previous couple of weeks. The Beaver WoodWright shaving products add value to each shave and also add value to the overall well-being of the skin on my Dome and face. The ingredients found in the Beaver WoodWright shaving products such as Coconut Oil and Glycerin help hydrate skin and keep it moisturized at the same time. After each shave the skin on your Dome and face feels soft and smooth and has a nice glow. After testing the functionality of the plastic tubs that Beaver WoodWright is switching to for the past couple of weeks, It was apparent just how functional the plastic tub is. The more you use the plastic tub to build your lather in the more soap you use. The more soap you use the more room you get in the plastic tub to build your rich and creamy lather that Beaver WoodWright is known for. Once you get half way through the plastic tub of soap from Beaver WoodWright you have a lot of spare room to build a smooth and robust lather that aides your razor in a close shave every time.

The plastic tubs that the Beaver WoodWright soap comes packaged In is functional from the very start. There is plenty of room to start building your lather right away. Once you get about half way down is when you can really get your back into it building a thick lather that once your done shaving for the night, all you have to do is leave the lid off the container and the left over lather dries back into the soap for another day of great shaving with a great shave soap from Beaver WoodWright. I said it once and I’ll say it again. The plastic tubs that the Beaver WoodWright shave soap comes packaged in is very functional when it comes to building a great lather that is both robust and creamy. The plastic shave tubs help to add value to your shave every day. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you!

-Jon Wogoman-

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