Elvado week four summary

Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap


With the end of week four out of six weeks with Elvado classic shaving brush soap. It was obvious to me that shaving everyday with Elvado Classic Shaving Soap would provide a classic comfortable shave with a rich, robust lather that has a fantastic cushion with a lot of slickness. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve focused a lot on a great quality that Elvado Classic Shaving Soap has. One of the qualities that Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap has is the ability to produce an abundance of lather. I’ve tried two different methods of building a rich and robust lather that has proved successful every time. The first method is the standard way of soaking your brush in hot water for a certain length of time and then rotating your shave brush in circular rotations building a pre-lather that is easily worked into a respectable lather. This method is normally used for a lot of different shave soaps. It very easily builds a rich, robust and creamy lather every time with a little elbow grease. The second method is blooming. Blooming is a great way to build a great creamy lather in half the time. Blooming takes a little more time to prepare but the benefits far out weight the preparation time.

Blooming in short is soaking the top layer of your shave soap. Soaking the top layer loosens the once hardened shave soap into a softened substance that allows you to build a thick pre-lather right away with minimal rotations of your hard bristled shave brush. A thick pre-lather means a thicker creamier lather with a great cushion and slickness for your razor to glide across your dome and face with a smooth and comfortable finish. The other benefit of blooming your shave soap for your nightly shave is, the water that’s saved from soaking the top layer of your soap can be used as a great pre-shave soap in conjunction with your selection of pre-shave oil.

The last technique I’ve practiced during week four out of six weeks with Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap is keeping the lather warm from start to finish. Warm lather moistens the skin and keeps it supple for a fantastic shave. Supple skin is more pliable and elastic making a smoother shaving surface and the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks less likely to occur. I found an easy way to keep my lather warm. I bought a plastic storage container big enough to fit my ceramic shave bowl in. Fill the plastic bowl three-quarters of the way full with hot water and submerge your ceramic shave bowl inside the hot water. The ceramic bowl heats up keeping your lather warm. Since I’ve started practicing this technique I haven’t wanted it any other way. In week five and six of the six weeks with Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap I will be focusing a lot on blooming my shave soap in the same container for product control. Love your products and you will love the results. Than You!

-Jon Wogoman-


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