HeadBlade Week Two Summary



The second week of the HeadBlade shave project I decided to review the HeadBlade Sport. This is the second razor by HeadBlade designed specifically for head shaving. The Sport was introduced in 2006 which is not that long after the Classic made its first debut changing the head shaving game forever. I really enjoyed shaving with the Classic so I was even more excited about my week with the Sport. I had high hopes and expectations for this weekly shave and I was definitely impressed at the end of the week. Before I talk about how the razor performs with shaving lets take a look at how the design of this razor changed from the Classic. It’s pretty easy to see some of the changes when you put the two razors side by side. The body of the Sport compared to the classic is wider in the front and tapers down the back. The wider front end means improved axle for stability and support. The cartridge razor is still located on the front end of the razor just like it is on the Classic. The Sport comes with a three blade cartridge compared to the two blade cartridge razor on the Classic. The HB3 and HB4 razors are both compatible with the Sport razor. The top of the razor is rubberized with lots of room for your first three fingers to rest comfortably on top. The hook that’s located on the top of the razor still fits snug around your middle finger but is more slanted and streamlined.

The Sport razor looks more like a high end razor compared to the Classic. I still love the Classic razor and will always use it. HeadBlade definitely got it right the first time around with the introduction of the Classic but there is always room to grow and HeadBlade has done that with the Sport. The biggest difference between the two razors is the wheels located on the back of the Sport. The wheels help the razor glide across your Dome in long strokes with minimal pressure needed for a smooth and comfortable shave. There was hardly any learning curve with the Sport shaving with the grain and minimal critiquing when shaving against the grain. The Sport like the Classic fits firmly into the fingers and palm of your hand. The Sport is more streamline and aerodynamic compared to the Classic creating a smoother shave from the beginning. The hardest area for shaving on my head is around the ears. I have to be very careful not to cuts myself, even with years of experience under my belt I still manage to get small cuts or nicks in that area. The Sport made shaving this area fast and smooth without any irritation. My week with the Sport was a good experience and the differences in design compared to the Classic definitely impact how the Sport razor functions during shaving. If you haven’t had a chance to try the HeadBlade Sport then I suggest you do so right away. The experience will definitely change the way you decide how to shave your head, so come on and just #Shaveyourhead. Love your products and you will definitely love the results. Thank you!

-Jon Wogoman-

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