The Mod Cabin Week Five Summary

The Mod Cabin


Week five of the six week shave project with The Mod Cabin shaving products showed no difference in quality of skin care or quality of shaves. I contribute this to the continuity of the same organic and natural ingredients found in all of The Mod Cabin products. The ‘Honeysuckle’, ‘Amber Resin’ and ‘Miner’s Mint’ shave soap all contain the same natural and organic ingredients such as Olive, Coconut, Castor Bean Oil and pure essential oils. The ‘Glacier’, ‘Honeysuckle’ and ‘Miner’s Mint’ shave oil also all contain the same great natural and organic ingredients such as Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado and Jojoba Oil with an essential oil blend. Finally the ‘Honeysuckle’, ‘Glacier’ and ‘Miner’s Mint’ after shave tonic contain Aloe Vera, Alcohol free Witch Hazel and also an essential blend of oils. All of these ingredients promote healthy skin through increased moisturization.

These last five weeks I’ve had the luxury of not only using The Mod Cabin shaving products but some other pre and post prep products as well that promotes healthy skin through hydration. These pre and post prep products contain some natural ingredients that help the skin heal and fight different skin diseases and conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, pimples and blackheads. I’m a big supporter of pre and post prep routine products such as an exfoliant to clear all the dead skin away helping to create a smoother shave and room for new skin to grow. I also like to apply pre-shave oil to my skin before the shaving cream or soap. Shave oil helps nourish and moisturize while creating a protective barrier between the razor and your skin. Shave oil also helps your razor glide across the surface of your skin through increased slickness. Shave oil is and will always be a definite staple of my shaving ritual. A good pre prep skin routine will add a lot of success to decreasing the risk of irritation caused by shaving.

The post shave routine is just as important as the pre shave routine is. Think of it this way. With the pre-shave routine you are preparing your skin to accomplish a smooth shave with less irritation, cuts and nicks. A post routine is the skin repair segment of your shaving routine. Running a razor across your skin causes trauma no matter how good your products are. A good pre and post shave routine helps prevent and heal irritation caused by that trauma. There are several choices to make when choosing your post routine products. Do you want to use after shave splash, balm or both, will the after shave products you choose be alcohol free? Will you decide to use moisturizer or just stick with using after shave? There is no wrong answer it’s just a matter of what you decide is the best option for you. I like to use a combination of both after shave splash and balm that may or may not contain alcohol.

When using alcohol based products it’s important to know how sensitive your skin is so you know how much you can use without causing your self a lot of misery. If I’m using products that contain alcohol I use more moisturizer to decrease the risk of irritation. When deciding to start using pre and post prep shaving products you also need to know that it will add time to your shaving routine but the benefits out weight the inconvenience. Keeping your skin soft, smooth and well hydrated will lead to less irritation making shaving more enjoyable. At the end of week five out of the 6 week shave project with The Mod Cabin my skin has never felt better. Next week will be week 6 and mark the end of this shave project. So sad it’s coming to an end. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you!

-Jon Wogoman-











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