The Mod Cabin Week Three Summary

The Mod Cabin


The third week of The Mod Cabin shave project I had the chance to try the “Amber Resin’ shave soap. I did not have the matching shave oil and face tonic, but I did have the ‘Glacier’ shave oil and ‘Miners Mint’ aftershave tonic to take their place. I have used the ‘Miners Mint’ products before and I really enjoyed using them. The ‘Miners Mint’ shave products have a very Masculine and faint aroma. This was my first time using the ‘Glacier’ shave oil and it performed well compared to the other oils I have used in the past couple weeks of this shave project. Even though these were new products for the week, I noticed that they contain the same natural ingredients as the ‘Honeysuckle’ products do. Olive, Coconut and Castor Bean Oil along with pure essential oils are used in both the ‘Amber Resin’ and ‘Honeysuckle’ shave soap. These natural ingredients promote soft and supple skin, healing dry and cracked skin keeping it hydrated and healthy. The one ingredient found in both the ‘Amber Resin’ and ‘Honeysuckle’ shave soap is Glycerin. Glycerin is a natural by-product when soap is made . Glycerin is also an humectant that attracts moisture to your skin and traps it there increasing moisturization protecting you from the natural elements of your environment.

The ‘Glacier’ shave oil also contains the natural ingredients of Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba and also an essential oil blend. These are the same ingredients found in the ‘Honeysuckle’ oil. These ingredients also promote healthy skin as well as help the skin fight and heal various skin conditions and diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, pimples and blackheads. These natural ingredients help protect the skin from sunburn and sooth irritation caused by too much sun, bug bites and stings. The ‘Miners Mint’ Face Tonic Toner and Aftershave spray also contains Aloe Vera Juice, alcohol free Witch Hazel and an essential oil blend. These are the same ingredients found in the ‘Honeysuckle’ aftershave tonic, the only difference is the aroma. These ingredients tone and tighten the skin while soothing irritated areas caused by shaving. I did have the matching ‘Glacier’ shave balm to compliment the shave oil. The ‘Glacier’ shave balm is whipped making it very soft right away. Just run your finger over the top of this balm with minor pressure to capture a small amount that goes a long way when massaging it into your skin.

Organic and Fair Trade Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil and essential oil blend found in the ‘Glacier’ whipped shave balm are the same found in the other balms that I’ve recently tried they really go the distance and feel great on the skin. Both shave soaps, shave oils, face tonics and after shave balms all contain the same great natural ingredients that help keep your skin healthy and smooth. At the end of week three my skin still feels supple and soft. The glycerin found in the shave soap adds a lot of slickness to each shave. The post shave slickness is tremendous and well worth it. I’m looking forward to week four! Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you!

-Jon Wogoman-



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