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I’m new to being a Beardsmen. When I mean I’m new, I mean I’m very new less than 6 months new. When I started this website I was new to blogging and social media but I had at least 15 years of experience being Bald by choice. That’s 15 years of critiquing the art of head shaving and trying countless products and razors. Times definitely change and sometimes change happens when you least expect it to. You may not understand why at the time but eventually looking back it will make sense. This will be my very first review as a new beardsman. I’m definitely not new to using Cremo brand products but new to using their beard products on my beard. When I was Bald I used their shaving cream and their beard oil as a shaving oil. I also used their Beard Balm as a moisturizer for my head and I was impressed with how soft it made the skin on my head feel. The beard products Cremo makes are just as much for good skin care as they are for beard care. Now that I have switched gears it only seems natural that I would review the same products plus some additional products as beard care products.

I think looking back at my experiences with beard oils and balms used as shaving product, it was a good introduction to beard products because now I can personally attest to some of the attributes these products claim to offer your skin. Cremo is definitely one of those brands that delivers exactly what they offer, specifically speaking of their beard products. I was fortunate to have almost their whole line left over from my days of shaving to review. Here is the list of Cremo products that I reviewed. One 4fl. oz. bottle of all-in-one Beard and Face Wash, One 4fl. oz. bottle of Beard and Scruff Softner, A 4 oz. jar of One-for-All Beard & Scruff Cream, 2 oz. jar of Styling Beard Balm, 1 fl. oz. bottle of Tea Tree Mint/Forest Blend and Unscented Beard Oil and a Beard Comb/Beard Brush.

I started with the All-In-One Beard and Face Wash. I used it everyday to wash my face as well as my beard. This wash does not contain any harsh chemicals that will dry your beard out. I’m pretty new to the Bearded lifestyle and I read a lot of articles and blogs on the internet revolving around skin and Beard care. Several times I read that you are not to wash your beard everyday for fear of stripping the natural oils drying it out. The Beard and Face wash contain a couple of natural ingredients preventing that from happening. The ‘Sweet Almond’, ‘Tea Tree’ and ‘Peppermint Oil’ have lots of benefits for your skin and hair. These natural oils help clean out the pores of your skin fighting acne and blackheads. These oils also help control certain skin disease such as eczema and psoriasis. They hydrate and increase your skins moisture content that in return can keep your beard looking healthy and feeling soft. I followed up with the Beard & Scruff Softener which is a 30 second beard conditioner. This conditioner just like the Beard Wash contains ‘Tea Tree’ and ‘Peppermint Oil’ but ‘Shea Butter’ and ‘Coconut Oil’ as well. These other two ingredients can do all of the above and reduce inflammation, sooth insect stings and bites and act as a natural sunblock.

After I was done washing and conditioning my beard it was time to moisturizing the skin underneath my beard. I may be new to growing a beard but keeping my skin clean and well hydrated is something that I’m used to doing. When I shaved my head keeping my skin well moisturized was very important. The same rule applies when growing a beard. Actually it’s probably more important since the hair on your face can actually dry out your skin. Washing your face and beard with hot water can dry out your skin as well. Having dry skin can lead to a lot of beard itch and dandruff. Dry skin can also makes your beard look and feel very dry and coarse. This is why moisturizing the skin underneath those whiskers should not be something you decide to do , it should be something that becomes second nature to you. Whether you wash your beard everyday or every other day moisturizing your skin should be everyday. I started with the Beard & Scruff Cream applying a small amount to my beard and massaging it slowly into my skin. This cream not only keeps your skin moisturized but it also helps the whiskers of your beard to lay down keeping a well-groomed look.

I waited a little bit for the moisturizing cream to soak into my skin and dry before continuing the moisturizing process. I had my choice of three different oils to use. The ‘Tea Tree’, ‘Forest Blend’ and ‘Unscented’ Beard oil from Cremo all function the same and contain a lot of the same ingredients such as Sunflower-Avocado-Jojoba-Argan and Coconut Oil, Rosemary Extract along with Vitamin E but vary depending on which fragrance you want to use. The ‘Tea Tree Oil’ contains Tea Tree and Peppermint for fragrance. Tea Tree oil helps unclog hair follicles while nourishing the roots which can aid in growing hair. Peppermint can trick your body into lowering its temperature which can be beneficial during those warm summer nights. The Forest Blend uses the additional oils of Cedar wood which has antifungal, antiseptic, diuretic, astringent and sedative properties. Spruce which has the ability to help ease anxiety and stress, treat skin problems such as boils, burns, skin inflammation, sores and wounds. Last but not least Eucalyptus can help treat respiratory problems such as a cold and cough, runny nose, sore throat, asthma, nasal congestion, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Eucalyptus oil also has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. So many great benefits for your skin and body. These oils combined together make for a great outdoor scent.

The beard oil comes in a little brown bottle with a dropper style lid. The brown bottle helps preserve the natural oils that are used to make the beard oil. Eight drops are all I need to give my beard a generous coat of oil. The rest that’s left over on my hands gets applied to the hair on my head. I just quickly run my fingers through my hair a couple of times creating a nice shine without leaving behind a greasy residue. Once the oil was applied I used the Cremo beard comb to distribute the oil evenly. The Cremo Beard Comb is made out of sandalwood to prevent static while combing through your beard. There are two sides to this comb and both sides offer different benefits for your beard. The small tooth side helps to shape your beard and the wide tooth side helps to untangle your beard if needed. Both sides of the comb help to distribute beard oil and sebum from the root to the tip of the hair while giving your face a nice massage. After I ran the comb through my beard a couple of times it was time for the brush. The Cremo Beard Brush is great for grooming, shaping and styling your beard. The firm and natural boar bristles detangle your beard while helping to distribute natural oil and product added to your beard evenly keeping your it nice and soft.

I’m a new beardsman so I can’t compare the beard comb and brush from Cremo to a lot of other products, but they do what they are meant to do and I have no complaints what so ever. I followed it up with the use of the unscented Cremo beard balm. The balm follows in suite with the other Cremo beard products keeping your skin well hydrated, soft and smooth. The Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Spearmint Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E are some of the ingredients that have many benefits to help keep your skin and beard healthy and vibrant. The balm comes in a 2 oz jar with a screw top lid. Just like the other products, the round jar the balm comes in has a dark tint to preserve the natural ingredients used to make the balm. The beard balm from Cremo contains one of my favorite natural ingredients. Beeswax has a lot of skin and beard benefits. Bees wax protects your skin by creating a thin protective layer that helps prevent loss of moisture. Beeswax also gives balms and waxes their holding power. I unscrewed the lid from the jar, the balm is hard in consistency but easy to use. I just rubbed my finger in a circular motion with minimal pressure to soften the balm then transferring it to the palm of my hand. I rubbed my hands together warming up the balm. I lightly ran my fingers and hands through my beard and mustache coating the whiskers. I used the small tooth side of my comb to work the balm through my beard and then turned to my brush to finish the job. With just a couple of strokes to my beard it was easy to see the balm beginning to create the specific hold I was looking for. I finished with the wide tooth part of the comb to style my beard just the way I like it. From start to finish the whole process only took between 10 to 20 minutes depending on your natural speed and which products you use. I had a great week with the Cremo brand beard products. Last but not least none of these beard products were tested on animals. Cremo loves animals! Thanks for reading!

-Jon Wogoman-

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