No Shave November 2017

No Shave November 2017


No Shave November 2017 has come and gone but one thing is for sure, it has definitely made an impact on my life prompting me to make a pretty big change that I never saw coming. Before we get into that let’s first talk about what No Shave November is and for what purpose it stands for. The concept of No Shave November is easy to grasp, simply put down your razor for 30 days and let your hair grow wild. Donate the money you would have spent on shaving and grooming to help educate the public on cancer prevention. Letting your hair grow wild is one way of paying your respects to those who have lost their lives or currently fighting the good fight against cancer. No Shave November originated from Movember which was started by a group of men in Australia to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression. No Shave November and Movember both share the same passion for education on cancer awareness, however, Movember focuses on just growing a mustache while No Shave November centers around no shaving at all. Regardless of which route you take, by participating you are donating your time, energy and money to a fantatstic cause.

I built my social media presence and website around being Bald, and whole heartedly supported the Bald lifestyle. I always thought about participating in No Shave November every year but I was busy with shaving reviews so I couldn’t. When No Shave November 2017 came around I decided that this year I was going to participate no matter what. I wanted my participation to make a difference and offer something to raise awareness towards cancer research and men’s health. I partnered with Cremocompany who made a charitable contribution at the end of the month. TeesParadise on also donated one of their no shave T-shirts to wear during No Shave November to further demonstrate my lack of shaving. I was finally ready to leave shaving behind for one whole month. I was looking forward to helping raise money and awareness for cancer research but also a little hesitant at the same time. I’ve been Bald and clean shaven for 20 years so this was going to be different. Truth be told, there has been several times I had thought about switching gears and growing hair but quickly shrugged the idea off. I knew had I decided to keep my hair at the end of the month things would greatly change, Thebaldnation would be over with and my social media presence would be greatly affected. I decided to proceed directly as planned and see what the month of November had in store for me.

I started No Shave November off the right away by not shaving. The first day of not shaving was a little difficult for me since I shaved my head and face every day. Day two and three of November were even harder, by the second week in November I wanted to ditch the whole project and go back to my usual routine. I felt out of place and I had a lot of beard itch. The two weeks of hair on my head also itched a lot and was driving me crazy. I was out of my element, the itchiness was driving me crazy even though I utilized Beard oil and balm every day and I missed my regular routine of shaving. I felt very un-kept. Every day I took pictures and posted them on social media of my progress with No Shave November along with the product I used along the way. My good friends at Cremocompany were positive and supportive 100% along the way. Cremocompany donated several items to my website for No Shave November such as Beard and face wash with Beard and scruff softner to keep my skin clean and beard soft, Beard and Scruff cream to moisturize my face, keep my beard soft and control beard itch. Beard oil and balm to help keep my beard and skin well hydrated. They also donated a Beard Brush and Beard Comb that help to style and shape beards at any length.

Teesparadise on donated a No Shave November T-Shirt to my website. The graphics on the front of the shirt consisted of a straight razor surrounded by a red circle with a slash mark through the middle of it. A perfect T-Shirt to represent my journey for the month. The T-Shirt felt soft, lightweight and cool against my skin. I liked it so much that I wore it in just about everyone of my social media updates for the whole month of November. Some were around week three everything changed. I woke up one morning and didn’t itch anymore. I thought it would come back during the day but it didn’t. I started to see my hair growth in a new light. I also started reading The Urban Beardsman a blog by I can’t say enough good things about this blog it’s definitely a game changer and lifestyle must for every new or old beardsman.

With the end of No Shave November came a lot of turmoil for me. I was at a cross roads and having a difficult time with my next move. I didn’t feel the same way that I used to about living the bald lifestyle. When I started the No Shave November project I knew it would be one month of no shaving and then on the first of December I would shave it all off and go back to the bald lifestyle and continue reviewing shaving products. 2018 was going to be a big year for my website. I already had all of my reviews and projects planned. How I thought I was going to feel at the end of November and how I really felt were at the opposite end of the spectrum. I actually wanted to keep all my hair and continue my rebellion against shaving. I shrugged it off and quickly shaved joining the bald lifestyle once again, but to my surprise I missed the hair I had grown during No Shave November. In fact I missed it so much that I talked with my wife about growing it back. My wife has always been supportive of my ideas. I know I can count on her honest opinion and I hold her opinions very high. When I brought up the idea of continuing to grow a beard and hair on my head she was very supportive. I sent back the shaving product I had sitting aside for future projects and said goodbye to Thebaldnation on social media. I waited a couple of weeks and revised a new game plan on re-branding myself.

I have since returned to social media re-inventing myself as a Beardsman with some pretty big goals for the future. I’m keeping my website but re-naming it to suite my re-branding. I guess you could say variety is the spice of life and personal growth happens when you least expect it. Thanks for reading!

-Jon Wogoman-

Thank You!

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