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I’ve been reviewing grooming products for around 5 years know. I learned in the very beginning when my first site was just starting out that you have to be un-biased when it comes to talking about products. You don’t want your readers to know exactly were your politics lay because then your reviews might not be as effective. Your readers may take your reviews at face value and not invest a lot of time with your work. I’ve always put a lot of effort into each one of my reviews to report and inform my audience of the importance of each product and the quality it provides at different levels. Having said that I’m going to go out on a limb after reviewing a multitude of products and tell you that one of my favorite companies is Colonel Conk. I’ve reviewed many of their natural line products from shaving cream to aftershave balm to pre-shave oil and several of their DE razors as well. I’ve never had one issue with any of their products. Their shaving cream provides a rich and luxurious lather with an over the top slickness that creates a smooth shave. Their aftershave balm feels cool and calming on your skin and their DE razors are top quality and very well made. The natural line of shaving products have no artificial colors, dyes or synthetic fragrances that may irritate or dry out your skin. That’s why when I switched gears and re-branded myself as a beardsman Colonel Conk was the first line of beard products I wanted to try. I figured I had a lot of great success with their shaving products I’m sure it would be the same with their beard products and I was definitely right! so enough talk for now about shaving and lets talk about beard products.

I recently had a chance to review the ‘Santa Fe Cedar’ oil/beard wash along with one of their Sandalwood & Horn Beard Combs. The beard wash came in a 6 fl. oz  container. The consistency of the wash was thick and creamy with a nice and robust aroma of Cedarwood with a trace amount of Rosemary. The fragrance definitely made a presence but was not over whelming. Once I was in the shower and my beard was saturated I retrieved a dime sized amount of wash into the palm of my hands. After rubbing the wash between the palms of my hands I worked it evenly into my whiskers applying a thick coat of wash. I let the wash sit and penetrate my beard working its magic. Made by artisans in small batches to preserve the highest quality possible they successfully combined a special shampoo, conditioner, aloe and argan oil designed for facial hair. Aloe and Argan oil has a very high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E that help to increase your hairs elasticity making it softer and easier to manage, not too heavy or too light  perfect for all types of skin, helps to moisturize, soften dry patches and even help to reduce Acne. After a couple of minutes my beard felt clean and soft with an appealing aroma compared to how it smelt at the end of the day before I got into the shower.

I towel dryed my beard off and waited a little while until my beard was somewhat dry before using any oil. I couldn’t wait to use the beard oil especially since I really liked the beard wash. The ‘Santa Fe Cedar’ beard oil came in a 1 FL. oz bottle with a dropper insert. The dropper insert allows you to conserve oil by releasing it one drop at a time. 3-4 drops into the palm of my hand is all I needed to coat each hair. The consistency of the oil is thick but not sticky or tacky. The Jojoba-Coconut and Argan oil with added Vitamin E Has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties helping to fight chronic skin disorders such as psoriasis & eczema , Helps increase skin elasticity and hydration fighting the sign of aging, Helps sooth dry and irritated skin from sun burn and razor burn, Can help the body regulate and slow down the production of sebum fighting acne and black heads, Helps maintain moisture fighting dry itchy scalp and hair loss. The ‘Santa Fe Cedar’ beard oil also helped tame and prevent a lot of fly away whiskers. Once the oil was thoroughly applied I noticed a  faint Cedarwood smell much like the aroma from the beard wash. Last but not least I finished my routine up with the Sandalwood & Horn Beard Comb.

The frame of the comb is made out of sandalwood while the teeth from horn. The completely polished horn teeth make taking care of tangles in your beard easy and painless. The smooth teeth effortlessly glide through your beard distributing the oil even deeper into your beard. This comb Measures in at 5 1/2″ x 1 5/8″ and the tooth length is 1 inch at the longest point. It can easily fit into your pocket for the day. A couple of quick swipes on the outside of my beard from top to bottom starting from the right working my way over to the left side and then starting from underneath combing my beard upward from bottom to top starting from left side to right side and then one more time from the outside to bring my beard back into a resting position was all I needed to get my beard on point for the day. I used all three products from Colonel Conk for the week and enjoyed each day of beard care. I would highly recommend these products to any beardsman that want to treat themselves and their beards. Thanks for reading!

-Jon Wogoman-

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