Ginger’s Garden

White Tea and Ginger Glycerin Shaving soap.


Ginger’s Garden or is a website that sells all handmade soaps and shaving soaps and pre-shave oils. has a wide selection to choose from and reasonably priced as well. I chose the White Tea and Ginger Glycerin shaving soap and pre-shave oil to review to see if Ginger’s garden shave soap felt as good as it sounded. You can find by website or on twitter by @soapbuddy. Their prompt reply and friendly service leaves me thinking about once again visiting their site for future shaving products.

The White Tea and Ginger Glycerin soap and pre-shave oil from makes a good combination for a smooth shave. I’m a big fan of shaving oil. I think that daily use of pre-shave oil for your dome and face leaves you skin feeling nice and smooth even on the days that you don’t shave. Shaving in general is rough on your skin so any level of extra moisturizing you can add leads to healthier skin.The pre-shave oil’s consistency is thin but feels smooth on your skin. Pre-shave oil added before shave soap adds extra comfort to the smoothness of your shave. Pre-shave oil can help prevent razor burn, cut, nicks and scrapes. The pre-shave oil from comes in this little bottle with a pump. I prefer the pump style bottles because it helps with portion control. You only need 3-4 pumps of the pre-shave oil with 3-4 drops of water for a nice coating on your dome. You can also apply the pre-shave oil first then add 3-4 drops of water. This method is a little more messier. If you add water after the pre-shave oil is massaged into your dome, the water could run into your eyes. after the pre-shave oil is Massage it in to your dome then apply the shaving soap over the top of the oil. The pre-shave oil from could be a nice addition to your pre-prep shaving routine.

The White Tea and Ginger Glycerin shave soap from has a nice aroma, it’s very faint but has a lasting impression. It produces a great lather that has a good cushion. My shave had a great glide with minimal feeling of my razor shaving away the unwanted hair. I worked up a thin lather in the container of glycerine shave soap from and transferred it to my shaving bowl and continued to work up a thick lather with minimal effort. The lather was thick and light meaning not much-needed to get the job done. The cushion was good with a minimal feel, not pulling, of my razor shaving away those pesky unwanted hairs. I don’t mind the dull feel of my razor shaving away hair as long as it’s not a pulling sensation. Shaving is a very relaxing activity to me, I enjoy shaving and the techniques it requires to achieve a great shave. Everyone has their own techniques they feel are the best to achieve the perfect shave. Learning about someone’s shaving techniques could enhance your own shaving experiences as long as you are open to change.

The plastic container the White Tea and Ginger Glycerine shave soap from is lightweight and has several options for shaving. The container has a flip top lid to it. when you flip the lid open there is enough space between the soap and the top of the container to hold a decent lather. To get a thick lather you will need to transfer it to your shaving bowl. If you don’t like that idea then there is another option to choose from. Just take the whole lid off. You can simply unscrew the lid and have access to the entire puck of soap. You will still need to transfer your lather to your shaving bowl to work up a thick lather either way you open the container. The plastic container seems durable and would make a great container to hold onto after the shave soap is gone for future shave soap if a container is needed. The container’s diameter is not to large but large enough to work up a lather with your shave brush before you transfer it to your shave bowl. The White Tea and Ginger Glycerin shave soap from is a harder shave soap but not hard enough to only be effective with a hard bristled brush. I’ve reviewed this glycerin shave soap with both a hard and soft bristled brush, I’ve gotten a good lather with both style of brushes. Either way you go with you’re going to be happy with the results you get from the “White Tea and Ginger” Glycerin shave soap from

so what are my final thoughts about the “White Tea and Ginger” Glycerin shave soap from I like the fact that you can you a hard or soft bristled brush to produce a good lather. The Glycerin shave soap has a great mild aroma that is not over powering, in fact, it’s very faint. The container that the Glycerin shave soap from comes in is very easy to open making the soap very accessible. The container has multiple ways to open it, and, the container is durable enough that it can be re-used for other soaps as well. The White Tea and Ginger” Glycerine shave soap feels great on your skin and produces a smooth shave, combined with the pre-shave oil it helps prevent razor burn, cuts, nicks and scrapes. The glycerin shave soap has a soothing feel that makes shaving with it a pleasurable experience. Thanks for reading!

-Jon Wogoman-

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