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If you are like me, my shaving routines somewhat change a lot. I have different shaving options that I like to indulge in and then switch it up. My favorite mode of shaving is wet shaving. I love the whole ritual of wet shaving from prepping my skin to building a perfect lather in my favorite shave bowl to deciding what safety razor I’m using for the night. Yes, wet shaving is definitely a hobby or passion of mine but lets be honest it takes a lot of time in the bathroom. I think it’s time well spent but realistically sometimes it’s just not plausible and you have to find another mode of shaving. Real life gets in the way. One day you have lots of time to spare and the next day you are flying by the seat of your pants all day. Family and work commitments come first and then you have household chores that need to be completed in your spare time as well. I have to have some alternatives to wet shaving and they have to provide the same great shave that your wet shaving soap or cream provides as well. I think that’s one of the hardest parts of finding alternative methods to wet shaving, getting the same great shave and post shave feel is hard but can be accomplished given the right products. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been using a product that has far exceeded my expectations. Shave Solution ‘Peppermint Tea Tree’ spray and shave & peppermint with aloe and witch hazel aftershave spray from are products I’ve come to love and a brand I respect for a number of reasons. Before I talk about the application I want to first talk about the product itself.

Shave Solutions was initially offered to barbers in 2017 by a barber and has quickly become one of the fastest selling products in the barber industry. The ease of use and the organic ingredients found inside each bottle are what helps make this product as popular as what it is. Shave Solutions is proudly made right here in the good old USA which right away is appealing to me because in my own opinion this is by far the best country to live in. Shave Solutions is also made with USDA certified all natural and organic ingredients meaning it does not contain synthetic dyes or skin irritants. This product is great to use if you have sensitive skin which many shavers do. Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Tea Tree & Peppermint Essential Oils, Rosehip & Castor Oil, Organic Lavender Flower & Roman Chamomile Flower Water along with Organic White Willow Bark Extract are just a few ingredients that are found in each bottle of the shave spray. These ingredients have many skin care benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties helping to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation that may help reduce the frequency and appearance of acne. helps reduce skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis, A rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that may help protect your skin, It’s thought to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation. It may even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth skin, Contains fatty acids and Vitamin A that helps moisturize-improve flexibility and also help promote skin regeneration. So many benefits in just one bottle!

The Shave Solution Peppermint with Aloe & Witch Hazel aftershave also contains organic and natural ingredients such as Aloe-Witch Hazel-Cucumber-Rosemary-Orange-Sage-Sea Kelp-Chamomile-Vitamin C and ProVitamin B5. The Peppermint with aloe & witch hazel aftershave spray is an oil free formula that won’t clog the pores of your skin. The organic and natural ingredients provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial benefits that nourish, hydrate and soothe your skin. A lot of the same skin care benefits offered from the spray and shave are also offered in the after shave spray. If you decide to use both you get a lot of carry over from both products. I call that a win-win situation. last but not least the peppermint oil has soothing and cooling abilities that you may find useful during the hot summer nights! Now that I have talked a little about the products and how they are made and what benefits they offer let’s get down to business and talk about the application of the spray and shave and after shave and most of all what kind of shave it provides.

Both the spray and shave and hydrating after shave mist came in amber tinted plastic bottles with the pump style lid. The amber color is to protect the integrity of the natural and organic ingredients found in both bottles. To much direct sunlight or exposure to natural light over a period of time will start to break down and weaken the oils causing the product to become less effective and not deliver the best shave possible. So what is the spray and shave? It’s a hands free, brushless, lather-less shaving solution. It’s neither a soap or cream and is also not a gel. The spray and shave is more of a liquid with a thickened consistency. It sprays on lightly over the intended area you are wanting to shave and a light coat is all you need to get the job done. The spray and shave provides your razor with a fantastic glide. I was really impressed the first time I used it and am still impressed with every shave. What’s impressive is the level of slickness you get with just a small amount of product. I use 6-10 pumps for my head which may seem like a lot but there is a lot more real-estate to cover compared to shaving my face which takes 3-4 pumps. The first time I shaved my head I noticed right away how slick it was and how effortlessly my razor glided across the surface of my skin. I always shave with the grain first and then against the grain to get that baby butt smooth feeling. The spray and shave provided a very close and comfortable shave in minutes with no irritation cuts or nicks.

We are taught in the very beginning to take our time with shaving to prevent irritation and serious injury but that’s not the case with this product. You can shave fast and get a smooth shave every time. The other area were this product saves you a lot of time is the fact that there is no set up or prep time needed. It’s not a soap or cream so you don’t have to work up a lather, there’s no brush needed to apply it to your skin, there is hardly any mess to clean up afterwards. This product really is just spray and shave. Once my nightly head shave was completed I turned to my face. Like I previously stated I only needed a couple of pumps to coat my face. My face shave was just as fast and comfortable as my head shave with no discomfort or irritation afterwards. The face shave took a matter of minutes to complete start to finish. I rinsed my head and face off and applied the aftershave mist. The aftershave mist is also hands free. The mist it creates is pretty strong and generously cotes a large area of your skin, it doesn’t contain alcohol so there was no burning just a cooling effect caused by the peppermint oil. You can either wait for the aftershave to dry naturally which only takes a matter of minutes or you can choose to rub it into your skin which is the option I always choose. I then finished my nightly shave routine off with one of my favorite aftershave balms and lotions. Technically you don’t need to use an aftershave balm or lotion after using the spray and shave and after shave mist. The natural and organic ingredients help keep your skin feeling hydrated moist and soft. I choose to use them as an additional skin care benefit.

The shaving products from shave solution offer a comfortable and close shave in a manner of minutes. The hands free approach that these products offer save you a considerable amount of time in the bathroom cutting your shaving time almost in half. The spray and shave makes shaving easy while providing the best shave possible with all natural and organic ingredients that are good for your skin and the environment. In my past experience with some other shaving products that offer a gimmick, the gimmick is usually strong but the product itself falls short with quality of shave. That’s not the case with the shave solution products. They offer a time and product saving gimmick with a great shave and they give you exactly what they offer and hit high above the mark. If you have not had a chance to try the shaving products from shave solution I suggest you do so. You may just find your perfect shave! Would I suggest these products to other shavers? Absolutely, try them because you are going to love them. Thanks for reading!

-Jon Wogoman-

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