Dr.Jon’s Beard Oil

‘Hydra’ Beard Oil

What kind of a grooming ritual do you follow. Do you shave or are you a hairy beast? or both? If you are both let me ask you, does the brand you use offer both shaving and beard products? and if it does do you utilize both sides of the coin? I recently had a chance to do that. Before I grew my hair and beard out for a while I was bald and clean shaved like I am now. I tried several of Dr. Jon’s shave soaps with matching aftershave splashes and I have to say that as far as shaving soap goes you can’t go wrong with his soap. The man knows how to make a fine soap that offers a fine shave every time. One of the attributes that I love most about Dr. Jon’s shave soap is the continuity of functionality. Each one of his soaps performed in the same manner. They created the same level of creamy thick lather, they provided the same level of cushion and each soap was vegan with all natural ingredients and did not contain any skin irritants. The only difference was the aroma and that was by my choice. It was no surprise Dr. Jon’s beard oil performed the way it did. I decided I wanted to try the ‘Hydra’ Beard Oil since at one time I used the matching shave soap and was pretty impressed by the results.

The ‘Hydra’ Beard Oil came in a 2 oz. Amber tinted glass bottle with a glass dropper. The amber tinted glass preserves the integrity of the natural ingredients found in the beard oil. To much direct exposure or sunlight can cause the oils to break down over time and change what this beard oil offers and how it functions. The ‘Hydra’ beard oil contains some natural oils that not only keep your beard smelling good but they also have a lot of skin care benefits that in turn also keeps your beard looking and feeling healthy. The Grapeseed-Sunflower-Meadowfoam-Jojoba-Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E Contains a lot of Vitamin E-A-C-D & Omega-6 that helps lessen the damage to your skin from free radicals such as sun-wind & pollution, Helps prolong the early signs of aging-dry and discoloration of skin, Has anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties soothing dry-chaffed and chapping skin, Helps fight skin disorders such as eczema-rosacea & psoriasis, May help rid your skin of Acne causing bacteria, Closely resembles Sebum helping to protect your skin forming a barrier that locks in moisture increasing hydration. All these  benefits in one little bottle of oil that keeps your beard soft and healthy all day long.

I’m pretty diligent about using beard oil twice a day. I think the benefits of using beard oil more than once a day far outweigh the extra time it takes to apply it. Keeping your skin healthy directly effects how your beard looks and feels. The sebum from your skin is what feeds your beard and keeps it looking soft and healthy. If you have dry skin which means it’s either not producing enough sebum or your pores are clogged than how will you have a healthy looking beard? I saturated my whiskers with warm water and gave it a quick wash with one of my favorite beard soaps. After I rinsed and patted it dry with a towel I waited a few minutes for it to dry. I used the glass dropper that came in the bottle and dropped 3-4 drops of oil into the palm of my hands. The ‘Hydra’ beard oil has a nice consistency which is a little thick but wont leave your hands feeling greasy after using it. I lightly rubbed my hands together evenly applying it to my beard. I worked the oil through my whiskers with my fingers several times before grabbing my beard comb. I grabbed one of my wooden combs and started on the right side of my beard combing in a downward stroke to the left side of my beard. I then started on the left side and with an upward stroke moved back towards the right side thoroughly working the oil into my beard. To bring my beard back into a resting position I quickly ran my comb in a downward stroke starting from the right and working my way back to the left. Next was my beard brush which followed the same path and direction as I did with my comb. I used the ‘Hydra’ beard oil for one week and had no problems with skin irritation or allergic reactions of any kind. The oil quickly soaked into beard and lefts my skin feeling soft. The citrus aroma the oil has was strong but not overwhelming. If you are looking for a new beard oil to try this would be a good one because your gonna love it! Thanks for reading!

-Jon Wogoman-

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