ColonelConk Beard Products

A Fantastic Company With Fantastic Products   I’ve been reviewing grooming products for around 5 years know. I learned in the very beginning when my first site was just starting out that you have to be un-biased when it comes to talking about products. You don’t want your readers to know exactly were your politics lay because then your reviews might not be as … Continue reading ColonelConk Beard Products

The Mod Cabin Beard Products

All Natural and Handcrafted Products For Your Beard   When I decided to re-brand myself as a beardsman I also decided I wanted to review more all natural beard products. Granted, I will also review products that are not all natural as well. I love trying new products, It’s the thrill of the unknown that I’m addicted to. The unknown variables that decide whether or … Continue reading The Mod Cabin Beard Products

WSP Beard Products

American Made Products for The American Beardsman   Wet Shaving Products or WSP for short is an all American company that’s completely in-house. When I say in-house I’m talking the full monty from research and developing each product to manufacturing and packaging. WSP does it all in small handcrafted batches to ensure a top quality product every time. When I was shaving I used quite … Continue reading WSP Beard Products

Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Sometimes Your Barber Knows Best!   I think there’s a common misconception when it comes to the importance of products for good skin and beard care. The male gender for the most part has always viewed the importance of skin care as more feminine rather than masculine. The truth is that no one is taking away your man card for practicing good skin care that … Continue reading Rocky Mountain Barber Company