Mad Viking Beard Products

‘Ravn Rom’ The Vikings were an origin of people from (793-1066 AD) coming from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The name ‘Viking’ is from the ‘Old Norse’ language meaning ‘A Pirates raid’. The media including Hollywood has stereotyped Vikings into something that’s not necessarily true to how they really were. When we think of Vikings we picture big burly men that are unkept and uncivilized. We … Continue reading Mad Viking Beard Products

LylacHandmade Beard and Moustache Combs

Grooming Tools For Every Beardsman!   When you think about beard care do you think about grooming tools as well? If your answer is no my question is why not? Do you need grooming tools? specifically beard and moustache combs and brushes? Actually you don’t, but your facial hair will love you for using them. There are a lot of articles online containing all kinds … Continue reading LylacHandmade Beard and Moustache Combs

VanYulay Second 6 Week Project Week One Summary

VanYulay    Welcome to the second VanYulay six week project. Time once again to spend six more weeks with another six different shave soaps from VanYulay. These next six weeks I will be shaving with the Vanila, Old Barber Shop, Afognak, Old Spice, Calabria and Briseis. The Calabria came packaged in a 4 oz. plastic tub with a lid that screws on/off and the Briseis … Continue reading VanYulay Second 6 Week Project Week One Summary