Ginger’s Garden

White Tea and Ginger Glycerin Shaving soap.   Ginger’s Garden or is a website that sells all handmade soaps and shaving soaps and pre-shave oils. has a wide selection to choose from and reasonably priced as well. I chose the White Tea and Ginger Glycerin shaving soap and pre-shave oil to review to see if Ginger’s garden shave soap felt as good as … Continue reading Ginger’s Garden

ColonelConk Beard Products

A Fantastic Company With Fantastic Products   I’ve been reviewing grooming products for around 5 years know. I learned in the very beginning when my first site was just starting out that you have to be un-biased when it comes to talking about products. You don’t want your readers to know exactly were your politics lay because then your reviews might not be as … Continue reading ColonelConk Beard Products

The Mod Cabin Beard Products

All Natural and Handcrafted Products For Your Beard   When I decided to re-brand myself as a beardsman I also decided I wanted to review more all natural beard products. Granted, I will also review products that are not all natural as well. I love trying new products, It’s the thrill of the unknown that I’m addicted to. The unknown variables that decide whether or … Continue reading The Mod Cabin Beard Products