Ginger’s Garden

White Tea and Ginger Glycerin Shaving soap.   Ginger’s Garden or is a website that sells all handmade soaps and shaving soaps and pre-shave oils. has a wide selection to choose from and reasonably priced as well. I chose the White Tea and Ginger Glycerin shaving soap and pre-shave oil to review to see if Ginger’s garden shave soap felt as good as … Continue reading Ginger’s Garden

bull and bell Premium Supply Co.

A fantastic shave from a fantastic soap!   I’ve come to love smaller artisan shops for several reasons. Smaller artisan shops are very friendly and go out of their way to please their customers. Smaller artisan shops make their shaving products in small batches to ensure quality every time compared to a large soap manufacturer who buys all of their ingredients or chemicals in large … Continue reading bull and bell Premium Supply Co.