Alluvian Himalayan Cedar Shave Soap

?0Get a cleaGGGetddddGgggijijclkjv.kxjlkmfsfGet a clean shave with Alluvian   I love shave soap and no matter how many soaps I get to try in my lifetime there will always be soaps that stand out from the rest. It could be that maybe these soaps have an unforgettable lather and slickness, or maybe a cushion that’s just no less than fantastic. Maybe this soap has an … Continue reading Alluvian Himalayan Cedar Shave Soap

Humphreys Hand Made Soaps

Horror Movie Soaps That Smell Great!   I’m a big horror movie fan. From the B rated low-budget movies to the mainstream Hollywood block busters I love them all. My all-time favorite horror movies are ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! So when I came across Humphreys Hand Made Soaps and saw the horror movie based shave soaps I just had to try them. I found HumPhreys Hand Made Soaps … Continue reading Humphreys Hand Made Soaps

Elegant Rose Boutique shave soap

A big shave from Elegant Rose   Sometimes one of your best shaves can come from a small soap. This was the case with a small business called Elegant Rose Boutique found on I found Elegant Rose Boutique while searching for shave soap with a great aroma. Sometimes I search for shave soap just to search and find a great product that provides an … Continue reading Elegant Rose Boutique shave soap

Perry County Soap

Thompson Creek Shaving Soap   I love searching for new shaving products. Sometimes I search online for the sake of just searching and finding new products that I might be interested in trying. There are many different shave products available to try and if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for it can be somewhat overwhelming. Shave soap is one of those products … Continue reading Perry County Soap

Body Love Potions

A great shave from start to finish!   Sometimes you go looking for something in one place but find it somewhere else unexpectedly. That’s exactly what happened when I found the shave soap and beard oil combo from I found Body Love Potions on while searching for shaving supplies. I saw the Beard oil in a clear bottle with a dropper and was … Continue reading Body Love Potions