The Colonel Conk Dovo straight razor shaving kit

A Great Shave With A Classic Razor Straight razor shaving or ‘cut throat shaving’ has been a time-honored tradition that’s practiced by more men every year. I say practice because that’s what you are doing. You practice shaving with a straight razor and the more you practice the better you get, however, even with lots of practice it’s still very easy to hurt yourself. I’m … Continue reading The Colonel Conk Dovo straight razor shaving kit

Naked Armor Razors

The Solomon Straight Razor When you decide it’s time to buy a new straight razor do you shop around? I hope the answer is yes. There are many websites that sell straight razors and all cost differently. Some sites sell straight razors from other brands along with their flagship razor. Then there are the websites that just sell their flagship razors. I’m still a Newby … Continue reading Naked Armor Razors